Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
PowerHealth Solutions Limited has been working with Ireland's Health Service Executive (HSE), to assist them with the introduction of a number of healthcare reforms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health service. Such reforms include Patient Level Costing and Activity Based Funding.

PowerHealth Solutions was engaged to perform the first of a series of Patient Level Costing studies, which will identify the cost of patient care and the resources used by each patient. This data will be used to better-inform both clinical and management decision-making, and to ultimately deliver more effective patient care.

Patient Level Costing takes a more sophisticated approach to determining patient costs, than the traditional top-down Cost Modelling approach that is based on averages and apportionments. In the Patient Level Costing approach, costs are built from the bottom up and are based on the procedures and interventions that each patient receives.

The HSE provides healthcare services to Ireland's population of 4.5 million, through its 50 public hospitals and 32 local health offices nationwide. With an annual budget of over €15 billion and more than 100,000 staff, the HSE has substantial resources to deploy. (Note: budget and staff figures from HSE website).

Mr Brian Fitzgerald, Director of Finance from St James’s Hospital in Dublin said The Health Service Executive selected PowerHealth Solutions because it has the knowledge, expertise and systems needed to drive a more efficient Irish hospital system.

PowerHealth Solutions Limited Director Nigel Michell said, We are proud that we have been given the chance to contribute towards Irish healthcare reform. By working with the HSE at a national level, we have the opportunity to ultimately improve the effectiveness of the health service and the health of its population.

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