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The Australian Book of Atheism, edited by Warren Bonett is published by Scribe on 22 November, just in time for Christmas.

The Australian Book of Atheism is the first collection to explore atheism from an Australian viewpoint. Bringing together essays from 33 of the nation’s pre-eminent atheist, rationalist, humanist, and sceptical thinkers, it canvasses a range of opinions on religion and secularism in Australia.

Ranging across a broad range of issues including education, euthanasia, abortion, politics, philosophy, and even neuroscience, this is a diverse and entertaining collection of thoughts on a world without God.

**All the essays from The Australian Book of Atheism are available for extract.**

'At 440 pages, with 33 contributors, The Australian Book of Atheism is a weighty no-brainer Christmas gift for argumentative readers. But that’s judging this exceptional book by its cover. Edited by science bookseller, sceptic and blogger Warren Bonett, The Australian Book of Atheism opens with an historical overview of Australian atheism. What follows are exemplary examples of the essay’s stylistic diversity, in tones variably comedic, sincere, enlightened and journalistic. Each expert-speaker holds forth on topics that range from the importance of secularism in education, government and politics; to pork-barrelling the Christian vote; fundamentalism and the new age spiritualism; euthanasia and abortion. Standouts are Tim Minchin’s verse narrative of his encounter with the New Age, Philip Nitschke’s confessional, Jane Caro and Karen Stollznow’s humour, and Graeme Lindenmayer’s patient explication of why intelligent design isn’t a theory, let alone a science. With its broad appeal (just where will this magnificent volume live in the bookstore — essays, current affairs, cultural studies, Australian politics, religion, philosophy, science?), this book promises to have a long shelf life. I recommend suggesting it to bookclubs. Next year, we may see volume two with contributions from Indigenous atheists.' FIVE STARS (Bookseller & Publisher)

1. Chrys Stevenson Felons, Ratbags, Commies, and Left-wing Loonies
2. Max Wallace The Constitution, Belief, and the State
3. Clarence Wright Religion and the Law in Australia

4. Robyn Williams On Being a Part-time Atheist
5. Dr Colette Livermore Atheism: an explanation for the believer
6. Tanya Levin Far Above Rubies
7. Hon. Lee Rhiannon Growing up Atheist
8. David Horton Agnostics are Nowhere Men
9. Tim Minchin Storm

10. Hugh Wilson MA Public Education in Queensland
11. Peter Ellerton Theology is not Philosophy
12. Professor Graham Oppy Evolution vs Creationism in
Australian Schools
13. Graeme Lindenmayer Intelligent Design as a Scientific Theory
14. Kylie Sturgess Atheist 2.0: reflections on teaching in faith schools

15. Dr Martin Bridgstock Fundamentalism, Religion, and Science
16. Dr Philip Nitschke Atheism and Euthanasia
17. Alex McCullie Progressive Christianity: a secular response
18. Dr Leslie Cannold Abortion in Australia
19. Jane Caro Why Gods are Man-made
20. Dr Karen Stollznow A Rose by Any Other Name?
21. Rosslyn Ives Life, Dying, and Death: reflections of a humanist

22. Hon. Ian Hunter MLC Parliament and Prayer
23. Lyn Allison Ever Wondered Why God is a Bloke?
24. Michael Bachelard Politics and the Exclusive Brethren
25. Dr Russell Blackford Atheists for Freedom of Speech
26. Dr John Wilkins The Role of Secularism in Protecting Religion
27. Warren Bonett Why a Book on Atheist Thought in Australia?

28. Dr Robin Craig Good Without God
29. Ian Robinson Atheism as a Spiritual Path
30. Professor Peter Woolcock Atheism and the Meaning of Life
31. Dr Tamas Pataki Religion and Violence

32. Dr Adam Hamlin The Neurobiology of Religious Experience
33. Dr Rosemary Lyndall Wemm Neuroscience, Religious Experience, and Sensory Deception

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