Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Today, a young genius from the Rosny College in Rosny Park, Tasmania, received a national award for innovation in the electrical and electrotechnology industry for demonstrating outstanding design and manufacturing skills well beyond his years.

Miles Mazengarb, a year 12 student, was judged to have impressive electronic skills and to have produced an innovative solution to a specific challenge by peak industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA).

Mr Mazengarb from Rosny College won the award in the innovation category for designing and manufacturing a device that assists disabled golfers retrieve a ball without assistance.

The design involved a hand device that used simple protocols to control a robot to actually pick up a golf ball up. This significantly reduces the need for people with a disability to bend over and removes a part of the game that can cause problems for so many people.

National judge of the NECA Electrotechnology School Student Awards, Mr Alistair Dwyer, said the golf device was an amazing feat of electronic design and imagination.

“In my years as a judge of the secondary school awards I can whole-heartedly say that Miles’ design of the device for disabled golfers was one of the most impressive projects I have seen,” Mr Dwyer said.

“His design was a clear stand-out in innovation as he has found a need and then filled the gap with a clever design. His electrical engineering skills were certainly put to the test and when combined with his imaginative approach to this specific application, the result is just amazing.”

“I can see this really working and helping disabled golfers get back on the course.”

NECA chief executive officer, Mr James Tinslay, said the future of the electrotechnology industry in Australia is in safe hands. The standard of the projects and the imaginative and innovative designs by school students is simply outstanding.

“Every year the standard of the students coming through improves, and every single year I am astounded by some of the incredible depth and breadth of knowledge displayed by students who submit projects in the innovation category,” Mr Tinslay said.

“This year we had everything from bomb disposal robots to applications designed to assist disabled golfers. There is an incredible show of imagination, electrical skill and awareness of the world around us. These students are quite simply brilliant and I hope they pursue a career in the industry.”

About the Awards:
The NECA Electrotechnology School Student Awards are designed to reward the commitment and passion of talented young individuals that are producing outstanding products and inventions that can potentially change the future of the industry and many people’s lives.

NECA acknowledges the ongoing support of our partner NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd for this important award. NHP is proud to encourage talented students who are developing their skills in this specialised field.


For images of the golf robot please contact NECA.

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