Sunday, November 21st, 2010
A GENTLE comedy comes to Melville Theatre at the end of month, looking at what can happen when an unexpected family reunion takes place.

Written by WA playwright Alice Dale and directed by Stuart Riches, The Wee Small Hours focuses on the complications that unfold when two sisters re-unite in Perth.

A sister arrives from Glasgow – and a variety of romances, affairs and regret-filled pasts come to light.

Riches previously directed the play for another theatre and enjoyed it so much, he decided to do it again.

“It’s a light-hearted look at a serious side of life,” he said. “The play is good fun and makes one think.

“The sister from Glasgow, Nan, doesn’t know that Sara had an affair with an actor 17 years ago which resulted in a child which was adopted out.

“Despite this serious storyline, there are some hilarious exchanges.”

Involved in theatre for 60 years in the UK, Sydney and Perth, Riches has performed in an extensive variety of shows over the years.

He has been with Melville Theatre since its second production in1982 and has also performed with Harbour, Stirling and Phoenix Theatres.

“My biggest challenge with The Wee Small Hours was finding an actress with an authentic Scottish accent,” Riches said.

“One of the other challenges is the amount of props – for a play with four actors, there is a lot of them.”

The Wee Small Hours plays at 8pm, December 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 with a 2pm matinee on December 5.

Tickets are $17, $13 concession. Book on (08) 9330 4565 or email [email protected]

Melville Theatre is on the corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway, Palmyra. More information is available

(*Subs, please note – Mellissa is spelt with two Ls)
wsh-group.jpg: Craig Menner, Mellissa McBride, John Forde and Laura Liddle get up to various antics in The Wee Small Hours.

wsh-john-laura.jpg: John Forde comes a cropper as Greg at the hand of Laura Liddle as Nan in The Wee Small Hours.

wsh-craig-mellissa.jpg: Craig Menner finds out that one day you’re going to get caught in The Wee Small Hours, much to the horror of Mellissa McBride

wsh-director.jpg: Director Stuart Riches, centre, explaining a scene to the cast of The Wee Small Hours.

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Melville Theatre

The Melville Theatre Company was the brainchild of David J. Burton who, in 1982, called a meeting for interested people in the community to form a theatre company in the Melville area.

As a result, the Melville Theatre Company was born. The newly formed company's first production was the farce, Not Now Darling. With its second production, The Sound of Music, the young company won the Finley Award for the Best Production of the Year in Community Theatre. Since then, actors and directors have consistently featured in the list of awards at the annual State Drama Festival.

Initially, performances were in the Melville Civic Centre but, since 1987, the venue has been the Roy Edinger Centre, on the corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway, Palmyra.
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