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Cold sores are generally harmless for most children, and whilst your little one getting a cold sore is nothing to joke around about, there are some practical tips you can employ to ensure the discomfort is a little easier for them.

The following tips from experienced naturopath and cold sore expert, Dr John Spurge, will help you to manage your young ones experiencing cold sores and better protect everyone in your family.

So what actually causes cold sores in children?
Despite the name, cold sores are not caused by a cold or flu virus, they are caused by a member of the herpes virus family called Herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two types of this virus and it is normally the type 1 strand that is responsible for cold sores.

It is very common for young children to catch cold sores, an infection which is passed on from close personal contact. This could include sharing a cup, utensil, toy or face towel with someone who has a cold sore, or receiving a kiss from them.

Studies show that more than half of all young children who experience cold sores catch them in their infancy. This means that your little one is more likely to catch a cold sore from a parent, sibling or close family friend than from other kids at school.

Symptoms of a cold sore and what to look for
The symptoms normally take about 2 to 14 days to show up when first infected. Your child might complain of their lip being itchy, red or tingly for a couple of days before you are able to see anything.

Usually a cold sore will look like one or more little blisters on their lips or face, which eventually break,weep fluid and then crust over and heal.

How to make your child feel better about cold sores
Cold sores can sometimes be really painful, especially for a child. The good news is that there are remedies that will help your child get past them and relieve their discomfort as soon as possible.

Some medications are specially designed to combat cold sore symptoms, such as Dynamiclear Rapid. You may also give your child a general paracetamol to help with pain relief. Ask your pharmacist for their recommendation taking into consideration your child’s weight and age, and be mindful to avoid Ibuprofen if your child is vomiting or has been diagnosed with asthma.

Dynamiclear Rapid is many parents’ product of choice when dealing with cold sore symptoms because of its ease of application and fast mode of action. Other cold sore creams require repeat applications(usually 5 times per day for 5 days), whereas Dynamiclear Rapid is one application only. This medication is much more practical for busy parents and a lot more convenient for children.

Once a child contracts the cold sore virus it will remain in their body for life, just like all viruses do. What this does mean is that they may be prone to having another cold sore breakout later on, possibly if their body becomes run down or their immune system is challenged.

Some children will never have another cold sore. If they do, maintaining a balanced diet, getting sufficient rest and exercising regularly will help keep future cold sores away. Applying a lip balm to protect against sun and wind, and taking an immune tonic to help avoid colds and flu, may also be effective in reducing recurrences. For more information obtain a free copy of the comprehensive Cold Sore Diet & Lifestyle
Guide at

5 rules of thumb to protect your family from cold sores
1. If you have any sign of a cold sore always wash your hands thoroughly before having any contact with a child and do not kiss them. Make sure your friends and family are educated too.

2. Cold sores can spread from the first sign of symptoms until the skin has completely healed. They can spread even when there is only itching and tingling, as well as when a sore is active or healing.

3. Discourage sharing of any utensils that may have come into contact with a person’s cold sore, including drinking cups, spoons and toys. If contact with a cold sore is suspected, wash the toys and utensils thoroughly before and after use.

4. Avoid breastfeeding if you have a cold sore or HSV lesion present on your breast.

5. If a child is prone to touching their cold sores it is a good idea to get them to wear gloves while they are sleeping and place a protective, non?stick bandaid over the cold sore until it has healed.

This is because the cold sore virus can spread to the fingers and eyes through touch, especially if it is the child’s first cold sore. This will also help protect against scarring which may happen if the scab is picked off before it heals.

When should I see a Doctor?
If your child is showing signs of dehydration, such as a loss of energy or appetite, it is important to consult your Doctor as soon as possible. The cold sore virus often causes flu like symptoms, including a fever, but if this does not subside or is unreasonably high it is important to seek medical attention.

Lastly, if you suspect that your child’s infection has spread to another area, or, if they have had a special condition that affects their immune system (such as HIV or an organ transplant), professional guidance is recommended.

Dynamiclear Rapid® is a world first one application formula for symptomatic relief of cold sores. The actives in Dynamiclear work by penetrating the DNA of the cold sore virus, thereby inactivating and eliminating the virus on direct contact. Unlike existing cold sore products, results are seen rapidly from just one application, and there are no inconvenient repeat applications.

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