Saturday, November 20th, 2010

The KnockOut Nits National Head Lice Head Check happens Sunday 23 January 2011.

Using the power of the web, and social networking, KnockOut Nits is promoting a National Head Lice Head Check to orchestrate the largest united response to head lice Australia has ever seen!

This event will be an opportunity to unite and empower parents and school communities!  It also aims to:

  • Promote reliable information about head lice management
  • Promote regular head checks with fine tooth combing
  • Support school communities to be proactive about head lice management
  • Reduce the stigma and panic surrounding head lice

Register your attendance today via the KnockOut Nits Facebook Page (see our Events tab). 

Visit for reliable information about head lice management.


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Come on Australia, let's get our kids head lice free for the 2011 school year!

KnockOut Nits offers a head lice management and fundraising solution for school communities.  KnockOut Nits promotes and supplies one safe and reliable product only - a quality stainless steel fine tooth comb. 

No matter which treatment option parents choose fine tooth combing is an essential step in the detection, treatment and eradication of head lice.

KnockOut Nits offers fundraising benefits to schools with the sale of every comb.  There are no false or misleading claims, just a quality tool for the effective management of head lice.

Denise Smith
P: 0413 539 175


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