Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Sending a gift should charge a rush of emotions of excitement and anticipation and that’s exactly what Just for Mum will do for your inspirational lady!

Stylish Gift Boxes for Mum during Pregnancy, Mummyhood and Beyond delivered exclusively for South Australian’s packed full of top quality products such as soft French cheese, local Maggie Beer Pate, Harris Smoked Salmon, handmade chocolates from the Adelaide Hills and everything else gourmet in between! Just for Mum also spoils and delights during Pregnancy with pampering from Endota Spa, Absolute Essential Aromatherapy, MOR Cosmetics and a few little delights to help her relax and unwind before the hard work begins!

We have a unique range of gifts for the Mum who perhaps just needs a little TLC or maybe a little organising before the baby arrives such as our De-Fluff, De-Stress and De-Light gift box, a great way to get Mum ready before her admission to hospital! It's a girl's worst nightmare to be caught out fluffy!

It is an often common sight to walk into a crowded hospital room full of flowers, only to have brought more! Or perhaps you had an expensive hamper delivered only to find out that it just wasn't right! At Just for Mum, our products have been meticulously hand picked with luxury and decadence in mind and sourced from across the globe right to our very own backyard, so when sending a gift to Mum for whatever reason, customers can be rest assured that their new Mum will be impressed with the quality and calibre our gift boxes have to offer.

Just for Mum gift boxes are presented in classic black and white, whose timeless and understated style provides a perfect gift for any taste.

Our Gourmet Gifts are so versatile they can be sent not only to Mum but can be tailored for Dads, Brothers, Uncles, Sons, anyone really! And the best part for South Aussie men? We have a “Man’s Guide to Buying Just for Mum”! It’s fail proof and it guides our boys through the purchasing process! It couldn’t be any easier!

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Just for Mum

Just for Mum was brought to life when we couldn't find a stylish and useful gift to give Mum during her Pregnancy, or when she had her baby that was just for her. We found there was so much for the new baby but nothing Mum could indulge in for all her efforts!

Having done so many gift boxes ourselves for friends and family who had babies, seemed like a natural progression to want to do so for many other South Aussie Mums! Really, is there anything better in life than Champagne and gourmet foods?

So Just for Mum was born and so was a range of fresh gourmet delights that Mums missed out on during their pregnancy such as pate, smoked salmon, soft cheese and champagne. Also, finding a gift for Mum prior to the baby was born was also difficult so we also have a range of Pregnancy Pampering gifts, that include Endota Spa, Aromatherapy and also some gorgeous gourmet and relaxation gifts that can be sent to Mum whilst she has the time to relax before bubs arrives!

So all three unique stages in Mum’s life were put together to make Just for Mum! Our gifts are unique, indulgent and for no-one else but Mum! Ok, they can be shared! All perfect to spoil Mum with during such an amazing time in her life.

Just for Mum is Aussie born, bred and owned.
Berni Nissen
P: 1300 611 113

Just Corporate

Just for Mum also has a corporate sector that caters for businesses across SA who wish to say thank you to staff, colleagues or customers.

At Just Corporate we have fantastic gourmet gifts available to send to individuals plus group gourmet gifts which are great for Firday night nibbles or just a thank you to staff who have done a great job!

Just Corporate gift boxes are presented in classic black and white, whose timeless and understated style provides a perfect gift for any gender and taste and ensures the highest standards are met each time by creating an unforgettable impression....
Berni Nissen
P: 1300 611 113


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