Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Nothing beats like a heavenly vacation. The perfect spot? By the beach! The tranquil sound of the waves, the crystal glow of white sands, and the glaring heat of the sun matched with breathtaking sceneries, sumptuous buffet and the most cordial accommodation – have all these in one spot and you get a taste of heaven on earth.

The beach is only one of the most frequented attractions along the suburbs of the Gold Coast region of Australia. Here lies Surfer’s Paradise a melting pot of social rendezvous, family attractions, recreational spots, shopping destinations, and restaurants for dining. Here you can stay away from urban pressures without being detached from the pleasures of the city. Nothing beats the warm embrace of Gold Coast accommodation which gives you the bliss of recreation and the joys of relaxation.

This place wouldn’t be called paradise for no reason. Its tempting façade is enough worth for the attention of tourists and locals. The beach alone is adequate reason to indulge. Aside from getting a tan, you can explore the coast on foot, dive into pristine waters or do adventure and challenge huge waves.

Experience a subtle hype by taking ambling walks in the park, visit art galleries and be awed by showcased exhibits. Eclectic and alluring, Surfer’s Paradise caters to variations in interest and differences in preference.

For the young and daring, the place offers varied sports activities (parasailing, golfing, diving and bungee jumping) as well as heart pumping clubbing and partying at night. For the chic and fashionable, a wide array of shopping options awaits.

From elite designs to bargains products, the beachfront stalls and the markets are a perfect stop. Surfers Paradise is beguiling in every way that you can imagine.

With ample number of apartments and lodges, you sure can choose a divine spot for rest and slumber.

Worry less about getting into places for Surfer’s Paradise makes available accessible transportation. Truly a gem for visitors and travelers, this holiday destination vows to give the ultimate fun-packed experience for you and your family.

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Palazzo Colonnades

Palazzo Colonnades is a boutique, high-rise holiday accommodation apartment in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, QLD.
Sue Leikis
P: (07) 5538 4555


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