Friday, December 5th, 2008

Mind Mapping your to-do list is the most common use of Mind Mapping, so NovaMind have created a video to teach you exactly how to use Mind Maps to create and manage your to-do list.

The video is available at

Mind Mapping software makes it easy to organize the things you need to do. Sometimes you will want to create a to-do list that is time based, like ones used to organize your week. Other times, you will want to organize according to your objectives or goals.

You can use the adornments to visually categorize the tasks on your Mind Map, and you can use the colors and shapes of the branches to form visual associations too. If there are logical associations between the tasks, you can indicate them using link lines.

You can put checkboxes on the branches to indicate whether a task is complete, partially complete, or not yet started.

If you have more extensive task management needs like seeing the percentage complete, setting priorities, assigning resources, start and finish dates etc, then you can do that in NovaMind Platinum.

Watch the video to see all these aspects of using Mind Maps for your to do lists, and several other tips to help you get the most out of your to-do lists using Mind Mapping software.

All these features make Mind Mapping in NovaMind a very powerful way of creating and managing your to-do lists.

About Mind Mapping

Mind Maps are diagrams that work the way people think -- they organize the information in the same way our brains organize information. They make it easy to understand, remember, and communicate complex information.

Our brains like thinking in pictures. The smooth curves and colorful pictures used in Mind Mapping create powerful images for your brain to remember.

Mind Maps cater to both logical left brain thinking and pictorial right brain thinking at the same time, which makes them a very good way of storing and recalling information, presenting things to other people, and brainstorming new ideas.

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Watch this video to find out how to mind map your to-do list.


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