Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
Free Seminar - Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Sunday, 21st November 2010, Vive Hotel Sydney, 3.00 – 4.30pm.

Parents nowadays face great challenges helping and supporting their children in their pursuit of success in their studies and every day activities. In order to do those, both parents and students need sufficient “skills”, “tools” and “strategies” that they can apply straight away. This free seminar in November is one of our many free seminars that we run through the year to support the community. The seminar offers practical insights into the principles of emotional intelligence and how parents and teachers can develop this important attribute with their children or students.

Our next seminar is on Sunday, 21st November 2010, from 3.00 – 4.30pm, at Vibe Hotel Sydney, 111 Goulburn Street, Sydney. This seminar is suitable for parents, teachers, university lecturers, and students (both senior high school as well as university). “This is a very effective seminar and we have the best speaker in the industry. I hope parents, students and teachers will take advantage of the free seminar and register for it.” Ms Eng said.

GoKids Workshops and Seminars are the idea of Founder and Owner of GoKids, Lay-Ean Eng of Northbridge. GoKids deliver programs that advance the development of the Emotional Competencies of students. “All our workshops are specially created for senior high school students as well as university students (and those entering tertiary education soon). Students can learn about attributes of Emotional Intelligence; such as awareness of one’s strengths and non-strengths, emotional self-control, achievement drive, adaptability, empathy, initiative, inspiring others and building bonds.” Ms Eng said. “You never stop learning.”

To register for the FREE seminar, please visit http://eiandteenager.eventbrite.com/

Lay-Ean Eng
(02) 9881 5890
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GoKids specialises in the delivery of programs that advance the development of the Emotional Competencies of students.

Our aim is to encourage students to be successful, healthy and respectful in the classroom and beyond. Our focus is a happy and balanced child, and one who is motivated, excited and successful in his or her endeavour in life. Let them learn the skills now and practice them throughout their schooling, in the workforce and beyond....It is never too early to start!! .
www.gokids.com.au/ www.gokidsworkshop.com.au
Lay-Ean Eng
P: (02) 9881 5890
M: 0409223282
W: www.gokidsworkshop.com.au


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