Monday, November 15th, 2010
An online trial with the world renowned Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute has yielded promising lifestyle benefits for Australia’s 1.2 million diabetes suffers. People with diabetes can upload data from their glucometers onto a secure website, so that health care professionals can immediately view trends and adjust treatment accordingly. Helping people to avoid complications associated with managing the chronic disease.

Hospitalisation from diabetes complications currently represents a third of all hospital admissions, costing $21 billion in direct and indirect costs annually, according to Australian Government Health statistics.

For someone with diabetes, tracking and managing insulin levels is currently done in the form of a diary, and infrequent visits to health care services. With online monitoring comes a raft of benefits for the patient, including accurate insulin doses, avoidance of harm and not needing to spend considerable time meeting with clinicians.

“A good example of where it is very beneficial is in the beginning of a patient’s insulin therapy when regular reviews every few days are required says Dr Neale Cohen, head of Diabetes Clinics for leading Australian health and medical research organisation, the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

“This would normally require frequent appointments or phone calls between the patient and practitioner,” he says. “This can be time consuming and inconvenient but this program allows flexibility of time and does not rely on the immediate availability of the treating doctor or nurse.”

Christine Matuszewski, a Melbourne social worker and busy mum to two-year-old Samuel, agrees. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when she was six-months pregnant and now has Type 2 Diabetes.
“It can be difficult trying to find suitable appointment times and working around Samuel’s nap and his lunch,” she says. “With this I just need five minutes to load my readings and send them to my specialist who always responds immediately.”

People are invited to access the system for free at

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