Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

In light of the spate of incidents of young children drowning in Australia recently (even before the official start of the summer swimming season), an Australian online pool supplies and pool equipment specialist, CheapPoolBits.com.au, has thrown down the gauntlet.

Mr Tony Garis, a spokesman for swimming pool supplies company CheapPoolBits.com.au, company said, “We are in the pool supplies business because we love to help people have fun in their pools. The recent deaths of young kids drowning are maddening to us because water and pool safety are not hard things to maintain. It’s really just a matter of staying aware of the dangers and responsibilities of living around a water environment, quite often it is complacency that becomes the quite killer.”

Mr Garis continued, saying, “It’s a matter of people being conscious and aware that their pool gates are correctly closed and fitted with child proof, self closing gates and locks and making sure that there are no opportunities for kids to climb on to anything around the pool to get over the fence. If children are small and you are not able to supervise them then they must be kept away from the pool area altogether. This also means small blow up pools. Cover them up or empty them if they are easy to access.”

Water is a magical and enticing thing, especially when the sun is beating down and the temperatures are soaring. It is just so alluring to children even more so than adults. Sometimes all it takes to be safe by the water is education to the dangers and what action is needed to stay happy and safe in the water environment.

Mr Garis said,” Nothing takes the place of teaching or having your child taught to swim, especially here in Australia where our culture is based around having fun on, in and around water. There is no minimum age for teaching a child to be water safe and capable, in my opinion the younger the better. If your child can breathe, then your child needs to be taught how to use the water safely.

So the gauntlet is down, it is time to put the brakes on innocent drowning in our beautiful country. Keep your water awareness on high, don’t be complacent, get and maintain the physical security of the pool area and teach the children how to best stay safe around water. This isn’t much to ask really, when you consider what precious resource is at stake.

Mr Garis set forward a plea, “We all as a country need to think of what we can each do to be part of the solution to this sad and frightening epidemic. What will you do to help save young lives?”

For additional information contact Tony Garis at www.cheappoolbits.com.au

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An Australian online pool supplies and pool equipment specialist throws down the gauntlet.


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