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Engage CRM is a flagship product of Navigators Software Pvt. Ltd., a leading Web Application Development Company in Kolkata, India. The company has been in business in the web industry for the past 11 years and provides customized web solutions, web packages and consulting services to more than 3200 clients in 32 countries worldwide.

Social CRM Launch
Engage CRM is Navsoft’s in-house innovation developed to provide a web based CRM solution to customers. Engage CRM was launched in 16th October at Gitex 2010. The cloud based CRM based on the SAAS (Software-as-a-service) model offers ease of use, comprehensive modules and a fun social element. Engage CRM blends CRM capabilities with social networking and Web2.0 technologies and creates an environment of productive work and fun. It also enables users to interact with each other and keep get real time updates on various activities connected within the CRM itself.

Idea behind the product
Over the span of few years, Social Media has emerged as a powerful force that voice people’s opinions about almost everything under the sun. Social media users research about companies, discuss about their products and services and also get peer recommendations and reviews. Companies realize this and have decided to include social media marketing as a key tool in their branding strategy. Companies increased their social media participation to reach out to their customers. Social CRM makes this process a lot easier; it enables users to manage multiple social profiles at one go. They accumulate customer responses via the social media and social networking profiles, generate responses and communicate your message back to them. The path between listening to your customer and communicating your opinion involves a chain of processes ranging from accumulating the interactions from social profiles, maintaining records about history of transactions with a particular customer, making analysis of the tastes and preferences and responding accordingly. Engage CRM caters you with just that. This social CRM provides you a platform where you manage your customer profile and provide exact, tailor made solutions very quickly.

While a company interacts with customers it is essential that they communicate just what a customer needs at that moment of time. And it pays to have a record of customer history, demographic details, geographic and cultural settings. When you get to feel the pulse of your customer, influencing his buying decision is just a matter of time.

A web based CRM solution, based on SAAS model, Engage caters its users with a user friendly environment where they can
1. Manage campaigns based on timelines
2. Monitor multiple accounts, view when they were created and modified and plans tasks accordingly.
3. Create leads and view status of existing leads and generate reports
4. Create new contacts
5. Create opportunities for new projects
6. Share and collaborate documents
7. Manage detailed database of your products along with respective prices
8. Manage cases and allocate contacts to each case
9. Find solution to each cases
10. Generate MIS reports in textual and graphical format
11. Take an online survey of your products and ideas
12. Strategize your next e-marketing move

Engage CRM is an effort to enhance company’s interaction to customers, expedite the response time and engage them for better business. With a mission to foster corporate communication and maintain sound public relation Engage CRM not only builds the basic foundation to help you develop strong business relationships, but helps you take it forward into the future in a sustainable, scalable way.

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Navigators Software was established in 1999 as the IT arm of the multimillion dollar Rungta Group, and brings over a decade of web expertise to the IT market. The Group has businesses in diverse portfolios including Financial services, Steel, Engineering and Man-made fibers.
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