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MarketReportsOnline.com adds "Global Radiation Therapy Market Report: 2016 Edition" report to its research store.

Radiation depicts the way energy moves from one place to another. One of the top advancements in the field of radiotherapy has been the development of proton treatment as well development of linear accelerators. Proton treatment, likewise called proton beam treatment, is a kind of radiation treatment that uses protons instead of x-beams to treat disease. It is a very precise strategy for radiotherapy which is suitable for all patients irrespective of their age, mostly relying upon conclusion. A linear accelerator (LINAC) customizes high energy x-rays to conform to a tumor’s shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue.

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Proton treatment industry is predominantly focused in the Americas; particularly in the North America. In the recent couple of years, it has been watched that the innovation is currently being received at a quick pace by authorities of the European and Asian economies. The innovation around proton treatment has additionally made advances in different corners of the world all on account of the growing incomes and enthusiasm of governments in its headway.

A number of factors driving the development of radiation treatment are expanding number of cancer cases around the world, developing inclination for non-invasive methods and mechanical advancements. Different variables like maturing population additionally advance the utilization of proton treatment. Key trending innovations like pencil bar scanning hold the possibility to hoist the capacity to treat the very intricate tumors, while leaving solid tissue and basic structures untouched.

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This report assesses the global radiation therapy market alongwith major regional markets. The top companies having a vicious competition with each other and dominating the industry are- Varian Medical, Elekta, and Accuray Inc. These players are being profiled in the report alongside their key financials and business strategies.

Major Points from Table of Contents (http://www.marketreportsonline.com/462020-toc.html) Provided in Radiation/Proton Therapy Market Report:

1. Radiation Therapy Market
1.1 Overview
1.2 Classification
1.2.1 External Beam Radiation Therapy
1.2.2 Internal Radiation Therapy or Brachytherapy
1.2.3 Other Treatment Options
1.3 Global Market Analysis
1.3.1 Global Radiation Therapy Equipment Market by Value
1.3.2 Global Radiation Therapy Equipment Market Value by Region
1.3.3 Global Radiation Therapy – Capacity Gaps
1.3.4 Global Radiation Therapy Market by Patients Treated
1.4 Regional Market Analysis
1.4.1 North America Radiation Therapy Market by Value
1.4.2 EMEA Radiation Therapy Market by Value
1.4.3 APAC Radiation Therapy Market by Value
1.4.4 Latin America Radiation Therapy Market by Value

2. Linear Accelerators
2.1 Overview
2.2 Linear Accelerators Market by Value
2.3 Linear Accelerator Volume by Region

3. Proton Therapy Market
3.1 Global Market
3.1.1 Proton Therapy Market Value
3.1.2 Proton Therapy Market Segments
3.1.3 Proton Therapy Patient Volume
3.1.4 Proton Rooms
3.1.5 Proton Therapy Cost
3.1.6 Proton Therapy Centers
3.1.7 Clinical Studies & Publications
3.2 Regional Markets
3.2.1 Patient Volume – North America
3.2.2 Patient Volume – Europe
3.2.3 Patient Volume – Asia
3.2.4 Proton Rooms – North America
3.2.5 Proton Rooms – Europe
3.2.6 Proton Rooms – Asia

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Increasing Cancer Incidences
4.1.2 Preference for Noninvasive Procedures
4.1.3 Rising Ageing Population
4.1.4 Technological Innovations
4.2 Challenges
4.2.1 High Installation Cost
4.2.2 Shortages in Low Middle Income Countries (LMIC)
4.2.3 Cost Pressures for Prostate Cancers
4.2.4 Reimbursement Rates
4.2.5 Stringent Regulations
4.3 Key Trends
4.3.1. Technological Innovation
4.3.2. Pencil Beam Scanning

5. Competitive Landscape

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