Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
A parent has successfully held Clairgate Primary School in St Clair NSW, liable for head lice treatment costs after being successfully treated at the No More Nitz Head Lice Salon, Parramatta, Sydney. This ground breaking news is a landmark case for all families across Australia and brings an alarming awakening for all State and Federal Government Health & Education Departments.

“It was confirmed today that Ms Daldy was reimbursed by the Clairgate Primary School for specialist head lice treatments to the value of $294.95” says Jennifer Holt, Director of No More Nitz.

The Government and schools have FAILED in their duty of care to provide a healthy school environment for the Daldy family and others like them around Australia.

This is the first landmark case of its kind in Australia since the inception of No More Nitz in Parramatta. The long term effects of this case will ultimately result in an onslaught of additional similar cases in public health negligence if the Government fail to act NOW in moving community health forward by taking on and acknowledging Head Lice as a major health problem effecting more Australians more than ever. This case is the proof parents, children and families have been waiting for, to assist them in their fight against head lice infestations at school and in the community.

No More Nitz are assisting parents by petitioning parliament in a bid to;
• Introduce and publicly fund a Mobile Head Lice Treatment Pilot Program in NSW;
And on a National level
• Secure Medicare subsidisation for head lice treatments with No More Nitz Specialised Head Lice Treatment Salon/s.

No More Nitz (Sydney) are the only head lice specialists in Australia that provide a one stop shop solution - ‘One Treatment, All Lice and Nitz Gone’. They have proven to thousands of families, parents and children that their unique service is supported by stringent quality control processes, making them the preferred treatment providers and leaders in the industry.

In a recent letter dated September 22, 2010 from the office of The Hon Verity Firth MP to the Daldy Family it clearly states 'parents are responsible for treating their child’s head lice infestation. This policy seriously undermines the severity of the situation and inadequately promotes increasing levels of head lice infestations throughout Australia. The fact that the Clairgate Primary School has accepted liability for Mrs Daldy’s child being infected with head lice, not only proves the MP’s policy is outdated and inadequately represents health issues affecting Australians, but also opens the door for every other parent that has also been treated at the No More Nitz Head Lice Treatment Salon. Parents are actively gaining monumentis community support by lobbing to get the head lice treatments on Medicare and the head lice policy for schools revised.

Premiers and Ministers of Australia need to stop ignoring parents; stop offering band-aid solutions; and immediately deal with the problem that is set before them before further additional head lice negligence cases are presented

“The tide is turning”. The Government needs to establish head lice community consultations and listen to their voters needs or face the consequence of school principals being inundated by frustrated parents in an effort to recover head lice treatment costs, as proven by the Daldy family.

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