Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Technology Industry Association (TIA) Export Development Executive, Christine Cromarty announced today that the recent Association delegation to Korea had been a resounding success. Four South Australian cleantech and infrastructure companies took part in the Association led trade mission to Korea: Wessex Consult, Holopoint Interactive, Embertec and Innovation Science. The trade mission was highly significant in boosting the export potential of these small to medium sized technology companies in South Australian.

The October mission, 6 months in the making, offered unparalleled access to the highest levels of Korean businesses and fast-tracked South Australia’s positioning as a source of globally successful companies with valued expertise in the areas of clean tech and infrastructure.

Heading up the TIA’s Export Project, Ms Cromarty has been working in the region for several years, building an extensive network of contacts in South Korea, many of whom attended the TIA’s CleanTech and Infrastructure Industry Seminar in Seoul.

“We were delighted that senior executives from more than 50 blue chip Korean companies, including Samsung, LG, Seoul Metro, and the Korea SmartGrid Institute, attended our seminar to hear the delegates present on their fields of expertise. They followed up with meetings at senior levels over the next several days,” said Ms Cromarty.

“Many Korean technology companies are seeking to establish cooperative collaborative ventures with Australian technology companies and welcomed the chance to meet with South Australian representatives face to face,” she said.

Ms Cromarty believes that the trade mission also helped South Australians to become more aware of the burgeoning technology industry in their own back yard. “I say this simply because many South Australians do not realise their state is positioned as the centre of technology development in Australia. We have around 1200 talented companies here, across all sectors, who benefit from a close-knit, highly collaborative environment,” explained Ms Cromarty.

Supported by the Department of Trade and Economic Development, Austrade and other industry organizations, the mission was a commercially focussed delegation. “Our objective was to promote South Australia’s CleanTech sector and facilitate South Australian companies to network, build relationships and do business with Korean companies,” explained Ms Cromarty.

Core Focus of the Trade Business Delegation
Korea’s technology sector has achieved remarkable growth and has been the single most important industry driving the country’s economic growth. In 2009, the Korean Government announced the Green New Deal, an economic stimulus package created to focus on green projects.

The Association’s Mission presented a rare opportunity to promote SA as a centre of excellence, showcase our latest technology, and meet with companies in the many sectors which have targets to conserve energy, reduce emissions, recycle, manage water, and build infrastructure:

• Infrastructure Providers and Operators
• Manufacturers
• Government Organisations
• Renewable Energy and systems
• New and emerging technologies shaping the clean economy

The delegation also focussed on other applications within these industries, such as infrastructure and security. The delegation was led by Michael J Miller AO, Professor Emeritus, University of South Australia. Professor Miller has been a Board Member of the Australia Korea Foundation since 2002 with responsibility for the promotion of science and industry collaboration between Australia & Korea. He is held in high regard in Korea with deep ties at senior levels to major corporates and government.

The trade delegation was developed in conjunction with Austrade Seoul, based on the format of successful previous trade delegations to Korea. The format provided time for delegates to familiarise themselves with Korean business practices and workplaces, make presentations at a TIA industry seminar, host a networking event and attend individual business meetings.

South Korea and Australia have a strong economic partnership. South Korea is considered a world leader in technology innovation.

• Renewables account for less than 3% of power generation in Korea, and Korea imports around 90% of its energy resources.
• There is growing recognition that business has a crucial role to play in helping Korea become more sustainable.
• As a result many Korean organisations are responding by reducing their environmental impacts and risks, for example by decreasing water use and minimising greenhouse emissions.
• Managers also seek information on their organisation’s environmental performance.
• Under the South Korean Governments “Low-carbon, Green Growth” plan it will invest AU$50 billion to catalyse a shift to green industry.
• Many central, provincial and municipal governments are undertaking clean energy projects.
• The government aims to build the world’s first nationwide smartgrid system.

The trade delegation fast-tracked SA industry to be seen as the key players of Korean leading infrastructure companies, government organisations, energy companies and manufacturers to explore business opportunities.

An industry seminar and subsequent networking event was attended by over 50 senior representatives of Korean industry and government. The audience included senior representatives from LG, Samsung, Korea Telecom, the power companies, Seoul Metro, the Chamber of Commerce, the Smart Grid Institute, industry associations and government departments.

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Facilitating the technology industry to thrive both domestically and internationally is of prime concern to TIA. The activities of this industry have a flow on impact to the economic prosperity of South Australia in terms of employment, future growth and social well being. In this sense TIA serves not only the technology industry but also the wider community who benefit from having a home grown flourishing high tech industry.

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