Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
The recent Global Eco Tourism Conference held in Noosa featured presentations focused on developing Indigenous Tourism. The conference included attendees such as famous Ecowarior David Bellamy and Ishwaran Natarajan of UNESCO MaB program.

The Indigenous day included a feature based on GPS Eco Tourism’s GPS Guided Tour concept. Using new technologies visitors can be taken to a wide range of experiences throughout a region. At each point of interest they will be able to experience the beauty of the area while being informed and entertained, through video and audio content, where they are, how it came about and how it can be cared for.

Because the technology can be implemented using in-car sound systems tours may be developed that include both walking and driving. As a visitor moves about a region they can be alerted to significant visitation spots with brief information, just like having an extensive signpost in the car. If walks are available the unit can leave the vehicle and be used to guide the visitor through a nature or history walk of the specific area.

Therefore as a visitor arrives on the traditional lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people they will be guided to points of interest across the region with a range of topics including language, culture, conflicts, foods, activities and history. The Elders of the Gubbi Gubbi have agreed to review all material for authenticity which will lead to greater awareness of their culture and history.

This tour will join the Carlo Sandblow (now live) and the Noosa National park and Noosa Hastings St history tours setting up a sequence of connected tours including the award winning Noosa Museum in Pomona.

Visitors will be able to discover and enjoy a wider range of local activities and interests as a result leading to longer stays and repeat visits.

The GPS Guided tours makes use of communications technologies to provide, via SMS, messages of importance. For example if a storm is approaching or if a whale is breaching off shore they can be alerted. By being given limited access to telephone they can also call for assistance if an unplanned event occurs. The information transmitted can include precise location from GPS Co-ordinates.

Nature based tourism is an important growing market and with it comes the need to care for the natural environment. This is achieved by alerting users on how to interact with fauna and protect the flora.

GPS Eco Tourism partnership strategies include a comprehensive program to reach potential visitors around the world. This program is designed to reach specific interest groups and is based on the regions overall attractions with an objective to locate new markets, in the highly growth orientated eco tourism market, and initiate the interest to visit the region where tours have been developed.

The solutions provided by GPS Eco Tourism are based on specific criteria to ensure wide usage. For GPS Guided Tourism to be a useful touring strategy requires an overall marketing approach and utilisation of distribution resources. Our focus on marketing plans and initiatives is a necessary complement to the journey’s success. In addition tours are developed in accordance with an agreed investment model depending on several factors of interest.

Because we are using global technologies we can access new market opportunities with well defined strategies created in partnership with our clients. But most of all it becomes a low cost visit opportunity and can be downloaded to the selected platform anywhere in the world and used in Australia whether or not it is connected to a local phone network.


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GPS Eco Tourism Pty Ltd

We are a new and innovative company that uses established technology in new and differentiated ways to create new experiences. Our focus is in the environment and bringing nature to visitors for greater awareness and understanding of our surroundings.

We want our visitors to stay longer and tell others of their experiences, to come back time and again for new experiences or just to enjoy the local ambience.

Whether its interpretation or signage, nature or history GPS Eco Tourism has knowledgeable resources but most of all the ability to put together the marketing plan to make the journey successful for all the stakeholders.

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