Monday, May 30th, 2016

Hackers have turned to old “social engineering” techniques in their bid to invade our computers.

“Social engineering involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures and relies on people's willingness to be helpful,” says computer expert Lee Sanders.

“Because if your computer’s anti-virus software is up to date, the only way to get in is to trick you into running the virus,

“Using a combination of phone calls, social media and emails allows hackers to trick people in providing sensitive information,

“Skilled hackers can easily bypass technical protections like strong passwords to get the information they want just by talking to you,” said Mr Sanders.

“How many times have we heard of hackers ringing unsuspecting people claiming to be a bank calling about their credit card?

“Minutes later and the hacker has your details and can infiltrate your account online and in turn they will probably have access to your contact list and social networking contacts,” Mr Sanders said.

“A great example of social engineering was the “Snow White” virus. When unsuspecting users click on a personalised email attachment, a ‘worm’ is activated which then attacks the recipient’s address book and replicates itself,

“To help protect yourself, ensure you have up-to-date software, use different passwords for each online service, keep your anti-virus up to date, don’t open email file attachments from an unknown source and don’t enable macros for documents off the internet,

“Hackers and criminals are always evolving their attacks, so embrace a healthy scepticism and never allow others to access your confidential information.” Mr Sanders said.

Mr Sanders is Managing Director of Computer Consultant Professionals.  In 2015 Computer Consultant Professionals won the Professional Services Award in the Hanson Swan Business Awards.


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