Sunday, May 29th, 2016

Perth Air Conditioning company Ducted Air Perth has made the rare move of eliminating all foreign Air Conditioners from their product range. 

"After 21 years in the Perth Air Conditioning Industry we got sick to death of people telling us how expensive their foreign built Air Conditioners were to run" said general manager Mike King. "They just aren't made for the harsh Australian climate and as a result are very expensive to run" He goes on to say. As a result he took the unprecedented move of removing all foreign products from his range and selling only Australian Designed Air Conditioners by Actron Air. 

Actron Air Conditioners are renouned for their efficiency and boast up to $900 / year savings in running costs. Being an Australian company, their Air Conditioning systems are built to withstand Australian heatwave conditions of up to 50 degrees celcius - something no other system can do.

"No other Air Conditioning system comes close to Actron Air" says King. Customers love how well these systems work and how efficient they are to run.

His business didn't go backwards after restricting his product range. In fact Ducted Air Perth expereinced huge growth on the back of positive customer experience and growing awareness of the Actron Air brand. The growth as well as the positive feedback from customers has been more than welcome.

"I no longer get complaints after installing Air Conditioners. Customers now tell me how cool their home is in Summer and how much their power bills have gone down since getting an Actron Air Conditioner installed" Says King. 

To find out more about Actron Air Conditioners, contact Ducted Air Perth today 1800 111 007 or visit

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Ducted Air Perth

Ducted Air Perth have been installing Air Conditioners in Perth for over 21 years. Headed up by Mike King, the company seeks to provide Perth homes with premium ducted air conditioning that works in the harsh Perth summer. For this reason they only install Australian designed Actron Air systems. They offer Perth's best prices on Actron Air systems and unrivalled, dedicated support to their installations. 

Mike King
P: 1800111007


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