Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Here is a fascinating story about how 15 retail clothing boutiques in Berlin masterfully organized and hosted in their boutique their own fashion show and boots summer 2010 sales by 700%.

In December 2009, Anna G., a retail clothing boutique owner in Berlin, had a flash in her mind: host her own boutique fashion show with amateur models as new way to promote the shop and boost sales. For Anna, that is a killer idea, and she went her way to act on it.

While elaborating on the idea, she wondered why not to involve other boutiques owners, and ask for their help to spread the word out about her event. In a very surprising twist, Anna project became the project of 15 boutiques owners who will host by turns a fashion show in their boutique, but the members of the network will help each other in planning and promoting the event through Retail trade show.

The shows started in April 2010, and from April to July 2010, a weekly show was held, on Saturdays, in one of the boutique of the network.

During the previous days before a show, all 15 members of the network will be promoting the next Fashion trade shows to their clients, friends by handing out flyers, talking to boutique’s visitors, sending emails, updating their website, and Facebook profile with the event information.

The first Trade show was held on April 2 in a boutique with a mix of spring collection and preview of summer collection. The 12 models who were showcasing were recruited among customers, friends and through friends’ network; and they were doing it for free and for fun. For a boutique of roughly 120 square meters, the first show drew more than 700 people during the day. At the peak of the Networking Events, a long queue was standing outside the boutique making it a hot spot in the whole area.

A contest and a game were parts of the International trade show. All invited person received a 10 Euros discount code, and all attendees received a scratch coupon with discount marks from 10 to 100 Euros gift certificate. Additionally a big check of $200 gift certificate was hidden inside in one of the hundreds of pieces of clothing in the store. It was for the first person to find it.

The boutique held all a Pre-show sales exclusive to the first 100 attendees, and a Post-show sales featuring items claimed to be exclusive for the show.

With upbeat music, frenzy atmosphere, amateur models, and a smart sales speaker, the 15 events hosted in the 15 boutiques, brought in for each boutique show from 8.000 to 21.000 Euros in sales, against an average day sales for a boutique in the network is 600 to 3000 Euros. This is more than 700% sales boost.

The Boutiques network has been expanded since the successful summer business trade shows. New members have joined, and a cross promotion scheme has been implemented between members. Anna has been featured in several local newspapers, magazines, and television talking about the network and the events. The network received an award from the local Retail Clothing Association and another award from the local chapter of Berlin Chambers of commerce.

GoodBuzz program has helped Anna and the 15 Berlin Boutiques to smoothly plan and coordinate their Fashion show promotion. In fact, the big promotion with hundreds or thousands of visitors is actually a conglomerate of smaller promotions done by a myriad of partners pooling their promotional resources for the success of the big event.

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