Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Drivers need to be aware of their rights and risks, with the installation of Mobile Speed Cameras in NSW, says a legal specialist.
Forty of the new Mobile Speed Camera units will be available for deployment throughout the State, and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has budgeted on the contractor achieving usage of 12,200 hours per month.
"The units will be placed at different locations at different times of the day and night - so it behooves us as drivers to abide by the law and ensure that these cameras don't give us cause for complaint," says Accredited Criminal Law Specialist Peter Proctor, the Principal of Proctor and Associates, who was recently interviewed on the topic of Mobile Speed Cameras for Channel Nine's A Current Affair.
"We don't know what speed threshold will be set for prosecution. The cameras are accurate to +/- 2%, which means that you could receive a ticket in the mail for a speed infraction at just a little over the speed limit - so be warned."
A further concern is that operators receive performance-based incentives.
"If the operator achieves above the base level that is set for any particular Key Performance Indicator (KPI) then they receive an additional percentage bonus over and above their monthly fee," Mr Proctor continues. "The bonus for the KPI relating to 'prosecutability' was removed following public outrage, however, there is a base level set for prosecutions, which is expected to be achieved.
"Despite the Government's backdown, this is big business, with capital outlay of millions of dollars. Would the State go to this expense if it wasn't going to make big money out of it? Of course not."
Mr Proctor concludes that the new measures are not designed to slow down motorists: "After all - how could that happen when you don't know where they are located at any particular time?"
"The best proven method of slowing down motorists is to let them know they are being watched. This is borne out when a police presence is visible on the road."
Interestingly, Gosford City Council has taken a dim view of these mobile speeding camera units being parked indiscriminately without development approval.
"We will watch from the passenger seat with interest as another State Government blunder-bus drives us to despair," Mr Proctor says.
Mr Proctor is available for further interviews on the subject of mobile speed cameras. Please contact his office on 02 9687 3777.

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