Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The key to losing weight off your butt is gaining insight into your mind: Join seven experts in revolutionary permanent, sustainable healthy weight loss at the Make Me Well Now event to be held in Melbourne on Saturday, 20 November 2010.

The Washington Post reported that 99.5% of diets fail. Make Me Well Now is not dependent on dieting or spending your life in the gym.

Make Me Well Now (visit has gathered life changing thought leaders in the area of healthy weight loss that reveal the secret to success. They have revealed that paying 10% attention to food and exercise and 90% attention to developing an ‘amazing body mindset’ achieves outstanding results.

This is a one-time event with speakers donating their time to help people discover the keys to taking unwanted weight off and keeping it off:

If you’ve ever struggled with losing weight, keeping it off, feeling good about your body and you’ve been confused about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat there is a solution. We’ve assembled leading experts with the answers to give you peace of mind about feeding you and your family. This day is about integrating the mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of a pleasurable, non-deprivational way to lose and keep the weight off.

A glimpse of three of the seven experts invited to present:

Grace Gedeon lost 150lbs and conquered food addiction and was instrumental to Marianne Williamson writing her latest book Course in Weight Loss. This is what Marianne said about Grace: "Grace Gedeon made an inestimable contribution to a course in weight loss. No one has a better grasp of the material or a more powerful way of delivering its message. She can profoundly help any seeker make their journey to conscious weight loss."

Sherry Strong 13 years ago was twice her size and struggled with body loathing and food addiction. Now half her former size this nutritionist helps thousands of people over the world understand what is in their food and how it impacts their body, community and planet. Here is what audiences routinely say about Sherry: “Inspiring, motivating, mesmerizing and it just make so much sense!”

Charles Eisenstein is a polymath whose studied at Yale and lectured at Penn State. He’s written the Yoga of Eating, Transformational Weight Loss and Ascent of Humanity. The single father of three boys has never been overweight but has almost psychic ability to empathize and understand the mind that struggles with weight loss and has developed strategies to turn it around pleasurably.


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Make Me Well Now

Make Me Well Now has been created by leading nutritionist and food philosopher Sherry Strong who through her extenstive research and travels over the past ten years has come to understand the need to illuminate the mind body spirit connection to healing and recovery. Working with a dedicated team from Champion Events, Postma Productions, experts and thought leaders, Sherry intends to provide people with the most timely, effective and relevant information to reverse disease and achieve success in their journey of health.

Sherry Strong - Event Curator
P: 08 8239 0666
M: 0412 098 992

Hayley Irving - Event Co-ordinator

P: 08 8239 0666
M: 0451 111 662


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