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There’s no doubt Australian roads are getting busier and most of us want to get to our destination in the fastest, safest and most efficient way. That is why Navman has focused on making its new MY Series of GPS even better, faster and more responsive at navigation - giving people even more choice of options to suit their own driving style.

The new Navman MY Series - the MY60T, MY 65T and MY 75T - introduces features that improve navigation for drivers and give them more control to choose the way they like best. Packed into the latest series are spoken landmark guidance, trip overviews and new Smart Route information based on traffic research gathered by SUNA – all bundled with a generous offer of a 24 month subscription to map upgrades and two years warranty for absolute peace of mind.

According to Wendy Hammond, Navman marketing director, the leading GPS brand set out to create a range that would make navigation even easier for GPS users.

“For us, it’s all about improving the navigation experience and creating features that make sense for Australian drivers. In developing this new range, we looked at various driving scenarios and talked to different types of drivers to identify the elements that would make listening to and seeing directions even easier,” she said. “For example, we have made directions clearer and easier to understand by using obvious landmarks, like ‘turn right at the petrol station’, in the instructions and by using 3D visuals of exactly where to go at complicated junctions.

“The new range also gives drivers more say in the way they wish to get to a destination and is also one of the smartest we’ve released - the GPS learns driving habits to more accurately estimate arrival times and to work out the quickest route for each driver,” said Wendy.

“We think GPS users will love the new My Series because it presents absolutely value for money – it’s packed with functions that will make a real difference to everyone’s daily drive,” she said.

Available in store from mid August, the latest Navman MY Series’ impressive features include:

·Spoken Landmark Guidance that guides you according to easy to see landmarks, for example “turn right at the petrol station”;

·Smart Route information based on historical traffic data from SUNA Predictive;

·New and improved SUNA Live Traffic information;

·Trip Select route option overview which shows a snapshot of the various route options at the start of the journey, so that the user can choose their preferred way to a chosen destination;

·Time dependent Spoken Safety Alerts which warn the driver about school zones, red light cameras, etc;

·MY Drive inbuilt feature that learns a driver’s habits and calculates ETA and routes accordingly;

·Trip Planner to calculate the best routes to take when there are several destinations;

·Lonely Planet Guided Tours for Navteq which gives travel information for approximately 25 excursions nationally ;

·Driver Fatigue Alert Warning alert which appears after two hours of continuous driving

·Tunnel Assist feature for better guidance through tunnels;

·Optional 4WD tracks for off-road fun and adventure;

·Audio Video IN multimedia only available in the top of the range model; it can also be used with a camera (sold separately) for use when rear-reversing;

·New ways to search a destination including POI searches, via GPS coordinates, intersection searches and searches for destinations along a route;

·Hardware upgrades such as faster processing with WIN CE 6.0 and improved sound quality with a 36mm speaker;

·Two years free maps with 24 months subscription to map upgrades from start of warranty and first use date; and a generous two-year warranty.

Easier to understand instructions with new Landmark Guidance
The new Landmark Guidance in the MY Series uses objects in the driver’s actual surroundings to give instructions, just as how someone would if they were in the car with the driver. For instance, instead of saying “turn left in 200 metres,” it would say “turn left at the church to George Street”.

Knows the best way to take, any time of the day, any time of the week
The models in the new MY Series have built-in historical data from SUNA Predictive so that when a destination is chosen, the Smart Route option calculates the best route to take depending on the time and day of the journey. That means that the route suggested from home to the office can be different if travelling on weekday mornings than weekend mornings. Using data from main roads and databases gathered by SUNA over two years, it is the most accurate historical traffic information of its kind currently available in Australia. The MY Series also features new and improved SUNA LIVE Traffic for even more accurate, timely and useful real time traffic information.

Puts users back in the driver’s seat with Trip Select and Avoid Area
The new MY Series arms drivers with all the information they need then gives them the freedom to have more control to choose the best way to get to their destination.

Once a destination is selected, the new MY Series’ Trip Select provides a handy map overview giving a snapshot of the different routes that can be taken, depending on whether the driver wants to go the fastest, easiest, shortest or most fuel-efficient way.

If there is a particular road a driver likes to avoid, or an area that is closed off or busy, now there is a way to steer clear of that vicinity or road with the Avoid Turn function. When a route has been set, the user is able to tell the device which areas they want to stay away from.

Fun on and off roads with new optional 4WD Mode
Sometimes it is fun to get off the beaten track. For those who love off-road adventures, Navman has introduced 4WD tracks using information from Navteq Off Road HEMA maps. It includes over 8,000 extra points of interest such as camping sites, fishing spots and other relevant outdoor places. This feature comes pre-loaded in the MY75T or can be purchased it online for the MY60T and MY 65T from Navman’s online store. 4WD maps are updated regularly.

Realistic signs to help guide you along
Navman introduced Junction Views in last year’s MY Series to help drivers negotiate tricky turn-offs by showing 3D images and arrows of the path drivers need take. This year, the MY75T features Sign as Real where illustrated road signs, like those on major roads, appear on the screen at some complex junctions, giving additional reassurance about the name of the exit and where it leads to.

Looks out for drivers with new and improved safety alerts
The new MY Series looks out for drivers with new and improved features to help keep them safer and avoid expensive fines. Instead of beeps, the new MY Series gives even clearer warnings with Spoken Premium Safety Alerts about any speed or red-light cameras, accident black spots, railway crossings along the way. The improved Spoken School Zone Alert tells drivers when they are entering and exiting a school zone on weekdays during school zone periods, so that they can watch out for children and avoid hefty fines. A Driver Fatigue Alert flashes on the screen if the driver has been driving continuously for more than two hours.

Knows a driver’s style best
Everyone has different driving styles and Navman’s MY Drive learns the way a person drives and tailors its information accordingly. It records information like how fast the user drives relative to the speed limit and the time they take to do common driving moves like going through a roundabout or turning corners. The information is used to calculate a more accurate estimate of arrival times and to determine the fastest routes for that user.

Is extra helpful when there are many places to go
When you have a thousand things to do and many errands to run, the Navman MY Series’ Trip Planner is a nifty tool that will calculate the best way to get there and even in which order. It’s great for drivers who are on the road for work.

Even more help for holidays
The first MY Series introduced the Lonely Planet Guides and the Wcities guides. To help Australians with even more helpful self drive holiday information, the new MY Series introduces Lonely Planet Scenic Routes. These guided tours give all the inside information for 25 gorgeous drives nationally. The Lonely Planet Scenic Routes come pre-loaded in the top of the range model or can be purchased separately from Navman’s online store.

More ways to make it easier to find a destination
People have different ways of doing things that makes sense to them, which is why the new MY Series gives users various options to find a destination. As well as the Smart Find keyword search function, users can look up an address using POI searches, intersection searches and for those who love to get technical, searching using GPS coordinates. The new MY Series also makes it easy for users to search locations nearby, along the route or at their destination.

Better navigation through tunnels
Drivers will never be abandoned in tunnels again with the new Tunnel Assist feature. The MY Series gives guidance all the way through tunnels, even when there is no GPS signal, by estimating your location based on average speed.

Music and video player including optional rear vision viewing
The top of the range MY75T comes with multimedia functions so the device can be used to play music and watch videos. With an additional compatible camera accessory which can be bought through Navman’s online store, the video can also be used to help with reversing.

New Asian languages
As well as a range of languages including French, Greek, German and Italian, instructions are now also available in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Faster, clearer sounding devices
Customers can look forward to units that operate faster, with clearer sounding instructions, thanks to a new WIN CE 6.0 processer and a 36mm speaker in each MY Series unit.

Two years free map Upgrade
Customers who buy the new MY Series will have a 24 months subscription to map upgrades for two years from the first use date. The first use date is recorded when used in vehicles travelling over 40kmh.

The 2010 MY Series has all the favourite features that made the range so popular last year. This includes the intuitive Smart Find for quick and easy destination searches, the ability to search for local information on Google and TrueLocal search engines, real time SUNA traffic included as standard, weather updates and sophisticated navigation instructions including Australian spoken street names, extended lane guidance and 3D landmark in the MY75T.

Recommended retail prices:
MY60T $299
MY65T $349
MY75T $449

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