Monday, November 8th, 2010
The ‘go green’ message has gained real momentum in the past few years, with more and more mining companies choosing to utilise grey water as a water saving initiative in both mining applications and accommodation camps.

The concept of reusing grey water for mining has traditionally been about treatment and re-use for mining applications. Recently, demand has grown for grey water diversion systems to ‘green the mine site’. With massive water shortages, particularly in the remote mining camps, using grey water to encourage plant and grass growth is not only an eco-friendly option, but also a welcome change to the baron red earth that typically greets the miners.

It's now accepted in most of Australia that rainwater can be used for any purpose, including drinking and cooking. In mining camps, often located in remote, drought stricken areas, rainwater, whilst a valuable resource, is just not a reliable water source.

It’s the grey water that is generated from the shower, washing machine and basins that offer the tantalising prospect of green gardens and saving tens of thousands of litres of drinking-quality water a year, if only we could use it. With grey water diversion systems, you can.

A grey water diversion device enables untreated greywater to be used for outdoor purposes by distributing water to a garden through a sub surface irrigation system.

There are several grey water diversion options in the market today, however, only one company offers a complete range of grey water diversion systems – Universal GreyFlow. Offering both below ground and above ground options, the GreyFlow systems are award winning and offer simple installation and minimal ongoing maintenance.

Ideal for use with mine site accommodation (aka donga’s) and promotable as a key on-site water management initiative, GreyFlow systems allow mining camps to have green gardens despite the drought conditions and lead to less strain on other mine site water sources.

The tankless technology offered by many of the GreyFlow systems also reduces the health risks associated with mosquito breeding and bacteria growth. The systems are also watermarked and fully approved by regulatory bodies in all states of Australia.

Using grey water for greening the gardens in mining camps also aligns nicely with mining companies environmental policies and shows an awareness for environmental issues including water management.

The Universal GreyFlow systems, by ADG Global Supply have already been successful integrated into mining camps in Western Australia. They are not only an innovative water saving solutions, they also represent an affordable, sustainable option for mining camps.

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