Friday, November 28th, 2008

NovaMind has just released a video detailing the value of Mind Mapping where the financial benefits of Mind Mapping are quantified, as well as going in to detail about some of the many other benefits that you can get out of Mind Mapping. This information has also been written up in a PDF report on the value of Mind Mapping.

The video and PDF report are available at,

One of the big things about Mind Mapping is its ?exibility to be used in a wide range of settings. When you look at the major things people are using Mind Mapping for, we identi?ed 8 very different uses for Mind Mapping where over 50% of users were using mind mapping for that purpose:

  • to do lists
  • presentations
  • note taking
  • problem solving
  • project planning
  • decision making
  • knowledge management
  • project management

Watch the video to find out the other 10 top uses of Mind Mapping, the 3 biggest benefits of Mind Mapping, the amount of productivity increase to expect when you use Mind Mapping, and many other benefits of using Mind Mapping.

About Mind Mapping

Mind Maps are diagrams that work the way people think -- they organize the information in the same way our brains organize information. They make it easy to understand, remember, and communicate complex information.

Our brains like thinking in pictures. The smooth curves and colorful pictures used in Mind Mapping create powerful images for your brain to remember.

Mind Maps cater to both logical left brain thinking and pictorial right brain thinking at the same time, which makes them a very good way of storing and recalling information, presenting things to other people, and brainstorming new ideas.

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NovaMind is a Brisbane based Mind Mapping Software company which has produced the top Mind Mapping program available on Mac computers for the last 6 years, and is rapidly gaining recognition in the Windows market. NovaMind makes Mind Mapping intuitive and fun.

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Results of a survey show massive and wide ranging benefits from using Mind Mapping software.


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