Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
Gardening is a pleasurable pastime that can be enjoyed by all the family, but modern lifestyles mean that outdoors space is often limited. For those with small gardens, balconies and patios, why not try growing one of these top five fruit trees for small spaces, and enjoy the incomparable taste of freshly picked fruit?

Our Atlanta tree service did some research for our clients and wanted to share the news. Here are the Top 5 Fruit Trees for Small Spaces.
  1. The Dwarf variety of the Meyer Lemon will flourish in a large pot on a sunny patio or balcony. The Meyer Lemon has glossy leaves, and in spring, bears abundant white blossom which have a evocative perfume. A dwarf lemon tree will be a real talking point when guests visit your home and will provide you with generous amounts of lemons. In cooler climates, your Dwarf Meyer Lemon may need to be wrapped up or taken indoors to a greenhouse or sheltered area.

  2. Cherry Trees look charming all year round, laden with snow like blossom in spring, and later in the year studded with jewel like ruby red cherries. A Dwarf Bing Cherry will provide up to six months of juicy berries each year and will grow happily in sunny spot. Little special care is needed for Dwarf Cherry trees, so no need to worry about pruning- simply plant and enjoy.

  3. If you enjoy making your own special jams and jellies, considered purchasing a Dwarf Burbank Plum to add extra interest to your garden while providing you with a handsome crop of fruit each year. This hardy variety is easy to grow even for beginners, and rewards the patient gardener with delicate spring blooming and luscious juicy fruit in abundance.

  4. The Red Haven Dwarf Peach is the perfect way to enjoy fresh fruit. The ruffled, many petalled pink blooms cover the trees in spring and have a pleasing perfume to delight your senses. Fruit can be harvested as early as June in the right conditions and can be picked throughout the season. There really is nothing better than the taste of a sun warmed Red Haven peach!

  5. Apples are the world's most popular fruit variety and are loved for their crisp texture and slightly acidic flavour. Dwarf Red Delicious trees make a lovely addition to small gardens and will provide you with fruit for snacks, pie making and baking, and jams. The fruit of the Red Delicious is a true “fairytale” apple that has bright red shiny skin and firm tasty flesh.
Any of the above trees can be maintained in small spaces in your home for very reasonable tree planting prices! For more information on tree planting or tree maintenance, contact Premiere Tree Services of Atlanta at 404-369-1149.

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