Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Discover new insights revealing how first home buyers can purchase their property with confidence and save thousands of dollars doing it.

Announcing a new and exciting book available for the iPhone or iPad, which will guide you through your property purchase. Never before has there been a book detailing how to purchase a property, the steps to follow and what to look out for.

Rachel Bobrowski of Get Ahead Pty Ltd has spent 13 years researching and investing in property and has gathered some lucrative investments. Rachel is now passing on her knowledge and filling the gaps that exists in the property education market for the home buyers of today. Rachel has written a book called “A Guide to Purchasing Your Home” which details how to buy a home and all of the activities involved in this process. This book helps people become smarter and informed about the most expensive purchase they probably make during their life.

Detailed in this book you will learn.
• The home buying process in comprehensive detail
• Loan types and what they really do mean
• Hidden fees that no one ever tells you about
• How to find and interview a conveyancer or solicitor to ensure your purchase runs smoothly and does not end up costing you a fortune
• How to find your perfect property
• Contracts of Sale and the dangerous items you need to specifically look out for
• How to place your offer, we've also provided you with templates to do this
• How to knock thousands of dollars off the purchase price
• The Auction process and tips for success
• Signing your contract and handing over your deposit
• Keeping on top of the tasks you need to perform when purchasing a property
• Checklists to assist you in preparing for moving out of your old property and into your new property
• Gotcha's and Nasty things you Must look out for
• Tips and Trick to save your money
• And included, are many more valuable insights which can save your cash for other exciting purchases!

Plus over $1,000 of bonus coupons to assist with expenses during the journey.

Now with interest rates continually increasing and property becoming increasingly unaffordable for home buyers , this book, “A Guide to Purchasing Your Home” shows with an unbiased opinion how to purchase your home and how to do this successfully, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Just click on the links below to access your book, it could save you thousands.

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Get Ahead Pty Ltd

Get Ahead was formed in 2005 with the mission to educate people on the many unknown income generating and capital growth strategies that can be utilised within the stock and property markets. We have since expanded to include business strategies and sales and marketing techniques, which can increase your business profits tenfold.

We simply connect people to education products, services and support required, because we believe it is important that everyone have the opportunity to create considerable wealth, responsibly and progressively, whilst achieving a strong Financially Abundant Mentality. What is a Financially Abundant Mentality? It is a state of mind where you know how you can make more money that you will ever need for the rest of your life without having to physically work for it.

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