Friday, November 5th, 2010
The revolutionary alternative to traditional weight loss options, BodyZen, is holding one more foundation workshop for 2010 to show Launceston women how to be at peace with their bodies.

With summer approaching, many women are thinking about how they will look as they peel off the winter layers and enjoy the sun, so this BodyZen workshop is happening at just the right time.

Instead of simply focussing on physical weight loss, BodyZen starts with mental and emotional weight loss first. Once women have isolated and dealt with these issues, physical weight loss naturally follows.

BodyZen director and workshop facilitator Sara Redman said the aim of the foundation workshop was to help women make a start on their way to stepping off the diet treadmill and maintaining their best body.

“We work with women who have spent years trying every diet they come across and women who criticise their bodies, but who are not addressing the emotional reasons for their weight and body image issues,” Ms Redman explained.

“Instead of offering another quick-fix diet that will leave these women back on the yo-yo diet cycle, we arm them with the strategies they need to take those first steps towards matching their mindset and emotions to their body goals. With support and further understanding the rest comes over time.

“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution!” she added.

Workshop participants will be part of an intimate group of like-minded women who will share their experiences confidentially and help each other to make the discoveries needed to take those first steps on the road to finding peace with their bodies.

Past foundation workshop participants have said:

“I believe BodyZen is a necessary step to take – not just to eliminate the never-ending diet yo-yo, but for your wellbeing.”
“Fantastic! I liked the fact that it was professional but relaxed at the same time.”
“It’s a great experience; it’s about recognising your strengths and understanding yourself. It’s about getting to know yourself and working towards the lifestyle that you want.”

The next BodyZen foundation workshop will be held on Sunday, November 14 between 9am and 3pm at Scotch Oakburn College Senior Student Centre, 85 Penquite Rd, Newstead.

Tickets are $250 or bring a friend and pay only $187.50 each. The workshop includes full catering, a workbook, access to the BodyZen forums, insight and plenty of laughs.

To book or for more information on the workshop contact Sara Redman on 0439 397 023 or [email protected]

For more information about BodyZen visit

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• BodyZen launched in 2010, after previously operating under the name LightenUp.
• It is owned and operated by Sara Redman and Susan Henshaw.
• Sara Redman holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology and accreditations in Life Coaching, Fitness and Pilates. Susan Henshaw describes herself as the classic “yo-yo dieter” before creating BodyZen, so understands the frustration of the diet treadmill.
• Sara Redman will soon be releasing her book Find Peace, Lose Weight – The BodyZen Approach.
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P: 0423 969 661
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