Friday, November 5th, 2010
Sharing the stage with the likes of Goldie Hawn and James Morrison, Mind Gardener’s Martina Sheehan will be right in her element speaking about creativity at the internationally renowned Mind & Its Potential event this month.

More than 2500 delegates attended the event last year and organisers have collected the world’s top scientists, psychologists and philosophers to explain how to maximise the brain’s potential and get the most from life.

Discussing your potential to be creative, Martina is one of the few Australian speakers. She will draw on neuroscientific research to teach participants how to cultivate a healthy mind and an inspiring life.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to share emerging research with the general public and show people how to use this growing base of knowledge in their everyday lives to really make a difference,” Martina said.

“The Mind & Its Potential event attracts thousands of people who want to learn techniques to improve quality of life for themselves and others. Our work at Mind Gardener revolves around giving people the tools to experience the joy created by mindful living,” she explained.

Martina was involved in the first public dialogues at the US-based Mind & Life Institute in Boston and, with co-founder Susan Pearse, has developed a series of resources, including the Mind Gardener Guides, that translate this research into simple, practical and relevant activities people can put into action to live more mindfully.

The four Mind Gardener guides - The Great Relationships Guide, The Living Happy Guide, The Bump to Baby Guide and The Clear Mind Guide – show people how, by cultivating their mind, they can move beyond simply surviving to thriving.

Mind Gardener is also the driving force behind the current Meeting of the Minds campaign, with Martina and Susan willing to pay $25,000* to the person who secures them an interview with Oprah when she comes to Australia next month. Showing that they practice what they preach about unlocking your creative potential, the campaign’s message about living mindfully has spread far and wide.

If they get on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Martina and Susan will share their good fortune by donating $1 from every guide sold for the next 5 years to a charity, foundation or not-for-profit nominated by the public. For more information visit

Mind & Its Potential will be held at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on November 18-19. For more information go to

To find out about Mind Gardener visit

* $25,000 will be paid upon the person meeting Mind Gardener’s criteria in securing an interview with Oprah. A copy of the criteria is available from Strawberry Communications (below).

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Mind Gardener

• Mind Gardener is an Australian initiative that brings together a series of resources that contain information, ideas, exercises and tips that guide growth and help people flourish in life.
• Founders Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse think differently and have had successful corporate careers in their consulting company, Reinvention.
• Since 2000 Martina and Susan have helped people to lead meaningful lives through speaking engagements and the Mind Gardener guides.
• They studied philosophy, science, anthropology and neuroscience, as well as practicing techniques for training minds and developed their principles and techniques into products for businesses, leaders, teams, children, parents, educators and the general public.
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