Thursday, November 27th, 2008
Piper Alderman in Adelaide and Christmas Travel League in Melbourne are two of many organisations that have found the perfect way to plan and enjoy the round of Christmas events - without going crackers!

The firms use My Booking Manager to take care of all the time-consuming chores around sending invitations, handling RSVPs, sending reminders and following up afterwards.

"At this time of year, when people are already doubling their workload to make way for the long summer break, the last thing you need is to add all the pressure of event management - but that’s what we end up doing every year, all over Australia!," says Chris Herrmann, Managing Director of InfoTec Communications, the company that developed and supports My Booking Manager.

"Many organisations still prefer to contain costs by managing events in-house but then look for ways to automating as much as they can."

Cameron Scammell, Chief Operating Officer of Adelaide based Piper Alderman, is one such organisation, aided by the online do it yourself event booking system.

"As the festive season approaches, we see an increase in both our internal and external events," Mr Scammell said. "Being such a busy time for all of us, it is great to know we can rely on My Booking Manager to assist with ensuring the coordination of these events is taken out of our hands."

"My Bookings Manager also means I don't have to put on more staff around this time of year to organise these events - which is important when we are all keeping an eye on the bottom line."

Industry events can also be a particular burden on the resources of individual members, typically small businesses. Barry Huxley, from Christmas Travel League in Sunbury, Victoria, is busy enough without taking either his time or his staff’s time organising their industry Christmas TraveLeague function.

"We were pleased to discover My Booking Manager. By automating the booking process online it allowed us to concentrate on other aspects of the function, saving us both time and money," he said.  Mr Huxley sees more use than just their Christmas function, "We’ll be using My Booking Manager for all future events" he added.

Mr Herrmann says it’s often more than just the time and cost savings benefits. He’s often astounded by the number of high profile organisations (and some technology industry organisations) who still email the pdf, or worse still, the word document registration form.

"With online transactions commonplace these days, organisations really don’t enhance their brand profile by expecting their customers to download documents and wait by the fax machine to send the form, and then be left wondering if their registration has been received," Mr Herrmann said.

Security is another big concern.  "I would rather dust off my cheque book than fax in a form for the fear of my credit card details being left lying around on someone’s desk," he added.

Online registrations provide the instant customer service people have come to expect. Click send and instantly a confirmation or tax invoice is received. And a few days before the event, registered attendees automatically receive a reminder to attend.

"That’s the level of customer service people are looking for these days. It really gives a leading edge to organisations, and without all the costly time consuming effort," says Mr Herrmann.

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My Booking Manager is a product of InfoTec Communications. InfoTec Communications capitalises on the productivity benefits of smart technology to offer businesses solutions that save time, money and offer improved customer service.

InfoTec's innovation and entrepreneurial drive has been recognised over several years through a number of awards. These include the Telstra/ Australian Governments Entrepreneurial and Small Business Awards as well as a national winner in a Secrets of Australian IT Innovations Award competition.

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Piper Alderman and Christmas Travel League are two of many organisations that let My Booking Manager take care of RSVP nightmares.


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