Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
The BEST PRACTICE seminars are supported by Enterprise Connect, an Australian Government initiative, part of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. Enterprise Connect aims to assist SMEs connect to the knowledge, tools and expertise necessary to improve productivity, increase competitiveness and fully capitalise on their growth potential.

In WA, TCFWA (The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc.) won the opportunity to run a national series of OVERSEAS BEST PRACTICE seminars. The seminar sessions are FREE for those in the TCF industry, and are aimed at businesses wanting to grow and expand.

International presenters visiting our shores include Frances Harder (Founder / CEO of Fashion Business Inc in Los Angeles), Susan Langdon (CEO of Toronto Fashion Incubator) and Lynsay McConachie (Sales Manager of Fashion Enter in London).
Topics address by the world class speakers will include:

HR Building the Right Team - Recruitment & Selection, Team Building, Performance Measurement, Change Management, HR Policy & Procedures.

Going Green - Trends in eco-consumerism that is driving the green movement in fashion. How to designers/the fashion can respond. Supply Chain, Environmental
Checklist: Analysis, New Product Development: New “niche” opportunities
International Trends in Apparel Industry - International Trends in the Global Apparel Industry, New Markets & business opportunities: New Product Development, Using Technology: Design, Production

The Overseas Best Practice seminar series will present in Sydney 9th November, Melbourne 11th November, Perth 15th November and Brisbane 19th November.

PROFILES of International Presenters & Facilitator

Frances Harder, Founder / CEO, Fashion Business Inc, (FBI) Los Angeles, USA has an extensive background in industry consulting, author & publisher, designer, international speaker, academic and recognised internationally for her achievements and has assisted over 5,500 existing and emerging designers across America. Frances established FBI in 1999.

Susan Langdon, CEO, Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI), Canada has 30 years background in fashion with 16yrs as CEO TFI. Susan has received recognition from many prestigious organisations for her achievements. TFI was the first ‘official’ Fashion Incubator in the world established 1987 and assists 300 fashion industry members from across Canada.

Lynsay McConachie, Sales Manager, Fashion Enter, London UK has background in marketing and sales projects with ‘The Showroom’, linking major UK retailers with emerging designers. Fashion Enter is the largest fashion industry support organisation in the UK with over 80,000 unique monthly members through its website/s that also include Fashion Capital and FC Boutique.

Carol Hanlon, Founder / CEO, Belmont BEC (BEC) Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre WA Inc (TCFWA) has over 40yrs background in design, manufacture, wholesale, retail, industry support. BEC & TCFWA provides small business support to over 17,000 small business clients in WA and nationally with 4,500 operating in fashion & TCFL Industries. Carol established TCFWA in 1998 and has received numerous awards and recognition for her achievements.

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The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc (TCFWA)

The Textile, Clothing and Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc (TCFWA) provide a valuable resource for the design industry. Since being established in 1998, the centre has been so successful, that it now receives requests from across Australia and overseas, from organisations and designers wishing to be involved.

Providing business skills and industry mentoring, a helpline service and development of specialised industry workshops to better equip those operating in the industry is one of the main areas that TCFWA has been recognised as a leader and role model organisation across Australia an overseas.
Carol Hanlon
P: (08) 94793777
M: 0417 963 231


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