Sunday, December 26th, 2010

One of Australia’s foremost diabetes educators has revealed the truth about the impact of piercing, tattooing and other body modifications in her book, “Puncture Kit”.

Angela Llewellyn-Sare provides a searing but practical insight into this ‘alternative’ world, inspired by the nurse educator’s experiences working with diabetic teenagers at Westmead Hospital, NSW.

"A piercing or tattoo may be cool, but the reality is that it's a risky business that often results in infections, allergy, scarring, nerve damage, viruses and even broken teeth,” says Ms Llewellyn-Sare.

"Procedures include piercing of genitalia and nipples, branding and scarrification and in many cases these are being performed on people under the age of 18. Until very recently there have been no laws at all to protect minors from having these types of piercings.

"In addition there are no laws regarding the training of piercers - anyone can set up in business and they do." Puncture Kit may be the most useful purchase anyone can buy whether they are a jittery first timer, an experienced self enhancer or a bewildered parent.

"People are walking away from piercing parlours with more than they ask for and are not being protected," the author said. "It's important to be able to express yourself but it's equally important to do so safely. That’s the aim of Puncture Kit.”

More information, review copies and photographs are available on request.

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Angela Llewellyn-Sare

Angela Llewellyn-Sare is a registered nurse with over 25 years' experience and practices as a specialist nurse in diabetes. She is well recognised in her profession with many works of research published in various professional medical journals. She has also won several awards for her work.

It was while she was working with teenagers with type 1 diabetes at Westmead Hospital in Sydney that she became aware of the problems associated with piercing and tattooing. In an effort to help these young people retain their piercings and prevent infections she began to research the area and realized there was a greater need in the community for information.

Angela’s writing career spans the last decade. She wrote a regular health column for two regional newspapers in South Australia. In addition she has produced newsletters, brochures and educational material for various organisations.

Angela has several non-fiction books she has been writing and re searching including one on type 2 diabetes. She is also writing a fictionalised account of her father’s life in the East End of London.

Angela Llewellyn-Sare
P: 0411618413


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