Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Sydney-based technology partners Wattwatchers and Solar Analytics are among 100 handpicked exhibitors worldwide for a prestigious clean energy ‘start-ups and solutions’ showcasing event in the US.

The two companies have been selected from an international field of applicants offering innovative, entrepreneurial technology and business solutions for transforming to a global clean energy economy.

The CEM7 Start-ups and Solutions Showcase is being held June 1-2 in San Francisco, California, in the US heartland of the digital economy, venture capital funding and the energy revolution in clean, distributed technologies including solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicles.

The special Showcase is a highlight of the 7th annual Clean Energy Ministerial meeting, which this year is being hosted by the US Government represented by President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy, Dr Ernest Moniz.

Australia is a member of the CEM, which is made up of 23 nations plus the European Union that together represent about 90 percent of global energy consumption.

Member economies usually are represented by their national energy ministers, who will attend a private evening reception at the Showcase for CEM7 delegations, roundtable participants and VIP guests.

Wattwatchers is a digital energy technology developer with a Real Time Data, utility-grade energy management system. This supports integrated hardware, software and data streaming solutions to manage energy productivity, ‘behind the meter’ services, distributed generation and storage, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Solar Analytics is the world’s most intelligent solar performance monitoring solution, purpose-developed for residential rooftop PV systems, of which Australia has the highest national penetration in the world with over 1.5 million home installations. It uses the Wattwatchers system for its energy flow data acquisition, which is aggregated with weather information and Solar Analytics’ own complex algorithms to track actual performance, do health checks, troubleshoot and send alerts, present data on screens, and support planning for further investments.

CEM7 is being promoted as the first major international gathering in the clean energy solutions arena since the historic agreement at the UN climate change talks in Paris last December (COP21). The website for the event is

The opportunity to participate in the CEM7 Showcase was promoted globally and applications to be featured among the 100-only exhibitors were received from 25 countries.

Only three Australian companies have been listed, including Wattwatchers and Solar Analytics

The CEM7 organisers said: ‘The Showcase will be a celebration of technology innovation and entrepreneurship – a bold display of the breakthrough technologies and startups that will transform the worldwide economy in the years and decades to come.

‘The San Francisco Bay Area is known as a hotbed of innovation and venture capital financing: a place where startups and new technologies find interest and support for their products and new business models. The Showcase will be located in the heart of San Francisco in Union Square, directly across the street from the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel, and will be open to government delegations, entrepreneurs, investors, media, and the general public.’

Hosts for the Showcase include San Francisco’s Bay Area Council and the non-profit clean energy investment group, the Californian Clean Energy Fund CalCEF is led by ex patriate Australian Danny Kennedy, a former Greenpeace campaigner who co-founded major US solar company Sungevity and wrote the book Rooftop Revolution.

Wattwatchers and Solar Analytics will present their solutions together at a shared booth for the CEM7 Showcase.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Murray Hogarth for Wattwatchers M 0417 267235 E [email protected] and Steph Bond Hutkin for Solar Analytics M 0406 382231 E [email protected]

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Wattwatchers is a fast developer of professional energy management solutions for the consumer side of the billing meter, helping to enable the distributed energy market. Based in Sydney, Wattwatchers is committed to delivering tools for the Energy Information Age with a light touch – low cost for consumers, low overheads for operation and low resource use for the environment:
• Value for money – inexpensive and cost effective systems
• Resource efficiency – small size units, no batteries, wireless installation, leverages existing communications infrastructure
• Minimal energy use –products are designed around low-power chipsets
• Data productivity – real-time communications with very low overhead protocols
• Reusability – products can be recovered, reprogrammed and reinstalled

Media contact: Murray Hogarth 0417267235 or [email protected]
Sales/Investor contact: Chris Bean 0418640402 or [email protected]
Website: and @TheWattwatcher on Twitter

Murray Hogarth
P: 0417267235


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