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Your domain name is your asset. It is a part of your brand identity and plays a key role in attracting visitors to your site. Therefore, you should always go for a name that is highly relevant to your business, and easy to remember for your user.
Your domain name is your unique address on the web. And just like in real life, if you want your visitors to land at your website, you have to make sure they remember your address. This is where lies the importance of choosing the right domain name for your website. It should not only be something very relevant to your business, but should also be something web users can comfortably relate to.
Often, entrepreneurs do not give a lot of thought when registering the domain name for their business. However, in the long run, it proves to be a costly mistake. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep the following points when you set out to select the most suited domain name for your business.
Relevancy is the most crucial factor in selection of a personal or business domain name. Choose a name that is related to the products or services you offer, that is, the core of your business. Just imagine you run a website design services company; would it make sense to have a domain name that includes the word ‘travels’? Your domain name should clearly reflect your business.
Avoid dashes in your domain URL. It is another thing if you are not able to acquire any run-on URL that depicts your business. However, as much as possible, stay away from dashes. Most website visitors are unaccustomed to typing in dashes. And, you should make all efforts to make it easy for visitors to remember and return to your site.
When it comes to domain extensions, always go for ‘.com’ – the most commonly-used and most effective top level domain. Even though you also have choices in the form, .org, .edu, etc., avoid the temptation of opting for them if it is avoidable. .com domain names are remembered easily and also foster better search engine optimisation.
When you set out to register your domain name, buy up all available options. By buying as many relevant domain names as possible, you will be able to thwart your current or future competition. In the world of domain names, the one who has the best names has all the power.
Always remember, your company domain name is an asset, just like the other assets that you own. It's a major part of your brand identity and plays a crucial role in your online marketing strategies. When you go for domain name registration, take help from a professional company that can guide you through the process. Aussie Web Host is one of the most trusted domain registration companies in Australia.

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