Friday, October 29th, 2010

In early October, incumbent Congressman John Lewis informed constituents of Georgia's 5th Congressional District he could not be bothered to give voters information about his positions against Republican opponent Fenn Little.

These statements have led to outrage, and action among constituents. One constituent had the response "Even someone who pretends to still believe they are the public's servant must debate for the benefit of voters. Only he who is now a ruler and not a servant can rightly refuse to debate." Voter sentiment is that in order to reach an informed voting decision between the Republican and Democratic candidates, the best way to compare them is to hear from both in the forum of public debate. To deny the voters this courtesy has given the constituents very negative vibes about their incumbent Representative.

Begun on October 20, a petition started by constituents for their Congressman to address them in public debate against his opponent began and grew to 100 signatures by the weekend. The Facebook fanpage about the petition garnered 170 fans by the end of a week.

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