Friday, October 29th, 2010
Solar Shop Australia Chief Executive Officer, Tony Thornton, has today slammed the New South Wales Government’s knee jerk decision to slash the state’s solar feed-in tariff - saying the solar industry has been made a scapegoat for a Government seeking to distract the electorate from the real reasons behind rising electricity costs.

“Skyrocketing electricity prices in New South Wales are the product of the State Government’s mismanagement of infrastructure, and its attempt to lay the blame at the feet of the solar industry is nothing short of shameful,” said Mr Thornton.

“We warned the NSW Government originally that its feed-in tariff scheme was too generous and would lead to a boom or bust situation. Now without any consultation, the Government makes this decision to slash the solar feed-in scheme and the emerging solar industry is left to pick up the pieces.

“How can a ‘responsible’ government make an extraordinary decision like this and then give the industry and marketplace less than 12 hours to adjust? It’s unfathomable.”

Mr Thornton said this decision has completely undermined the long-term sustainability of the solar industry and further reinforces the need for a national feed-in tariff to provide stability, investment and healthy growth in the industry.

“The Government’s decision makes it impossible for us to plan and resource properly, and clearly new or less established solar businesses will be severely impacted or even go out of business as occurred with the pulling of the rebate a year ago without notice,” said Mr Thornton.

“There are a number of countries around the world that have long-term, stable feed in tariffs that have been established for years and it is something we should seriously look at to learn from.

“Solar power has less than three per cent penetration into the Australian market and it’s the continual rise in electricity prices that primarily motivates people to invest in solar in the first place. Over half of our customers are baby boomers and elderly looking to reduce or eliminate their electricity bills in retirement.”

Solar Shop Australia led the industry last night by remaining open until midnight to honour the quotes it had placed in the market and allow its customers to take up the feed-in tariff of 60c as promised under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme.

The organisation’s customer service centre took thousands of calls yesterday in relation to this matter and contacted thousands more to inform them of the change. Drawing on our national footprint and sales staff of over a 150, Solar Shop was able to respond to the ridiculous situation to meet the demand and still many more customers ended up disappointed and disillusioned.

“Some of our customers missed out on the deadline of midnight last night – however the Government’s unrealistic timeframe was beyond our control,” said Mr Thornton.


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