Sunday, December 26th, 2010
Event promotion is difficult, very stressful, time consuming, may cost a bunch of money, and ends up with poor results. There is, however, a secret that may help, and that secret is the one thing you need to succeed as event promoter: networking, networking and networking.

You cannot succeed alone in this game. online business networking is the key. When you see on Tv or you attend an event that draw hundreds or thousands of people, you just wonder how they did that; how on earth you cannot attract 50 people to your event, and these guys are sold out for thousands people event!

Success in this game comes from having strategic alliances with the right people.
Smart event promoter team up, and collaborate with many other event organizer and trade show exhibitor, and they get know the influentials in their field and town. They create alliances, trust network, and peer referral networks. It’s in this way that it works. The big promotion with hundred or thousands of visitors is actually a conglomerate of smaller promotions done by a myriad of partners pooling their promotional resources for the success of the big event.

The big river comes from hundreds of tributaries.

If you have no friends, no contacts, no following, it’ll be damn hard to succeed in Event Marketing and Promotions. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t rely only on advertising to promote your event. Anyway, Advertising doesn’t work very well for events, as they don’t work very well for restaurants. Word of mouth and peer recommendation are the key drivers.

In my estimation, you should have at least 15 partners or peers, who know you and trust you, and who on request would mobilize their promotional resources for your events success. Don’t worry if you have not contacts yet, you can jump start today and build up a profitable peer referral network in less than 3 months. See my previous article on How to build an Event Promoters Network?

The main take form this article is this: you should go out in person or by email to talk to and befriend people who:

• Influence your target audience (newspaper, magazine, websites, blog, online community, association, analysts, proclaimed and self proclaimed gurus, etc.)
• Already provide services or goods to your target audience, but are not your competitor (owner of venues where your target audience spend time; companies who are providers to your target audience, etc.)
• promote already events to your target audience

Talk to these people and befriend them. Not one or two, but tens of them. Have a plan to build strategic alliance, special events marketing, explain how the peer referral network will work out for all participants, and above all tell them some success stories you can find out on

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Goodbuzz is an experiment in a new kind of event promotion, built on the idea that event marketing is not only about money. Some of the most successful events we've been involved with engaged in simple grass roots marketing. They only used event posters and word of mouth. Those events did tremendously well on a marketing budget of a few hundred dollars.

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