Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

With the current global financial crisis, many Australian companies have really been hit hard. In response to this, they have been forced to redraw their plans, with many businesses redeploying staff, making staff redundant or shedding their contractors, to enable them to cope with financial pains.

With the employment market suffering, the last few months have demonstrated a marked shift from a candidate shortage market through to a situation where in certain industries, candidates struggle to find work.

For recruitment agencies, the downturn in the employment market is a worry. For those not prepared for it, the financial crisis can severely affect the bottom line. It’s times like these, which companies begin to look at expenditure, and really consider what return on investment is that expenditure providing.

This is where online marketing and search engine optimisation comes in. Due to the nature of online advertising and the tools available (e.g. Google Analytics) webmasters are able to track very carefully expenditure and conversion.

Job Boards have been using online advertising and search engine optimisation techniques for years to create interest and drive traffic to their websites. So if these techniques work so well for them, why aren’t you using them with your own website?

A well optimised website may be the key to your business turn around. So why not reduce your reliance on job boards, and start using your own website more effectively, employing, easy to track methods, with high return on investment.

Written by Rebecca Cole, Director at OM Strategies OM Strategies is an Australian business specialising in search engine optimisation and online marketing in the recruitment industry. For more information please go to or email us directly on [email protected]

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A well optimised website may be the key to your business turn around.


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