Sunday, December 26th, 2010
NEW YORK— The average consumer has little time to shop because they are balancing work and family at an unprecedented rate. The amount of buying on Amazon has doubled in the last year. When you put lack of time together with Internet shopping, a new phenomenon is emerging … Shopping Google Direct. Imagine Twenty-something Ted, a guy who loves Harley Watches, wanting to buy a Harley Davidson Bulova watch for his brother Biker Bob. Within 2 clicks, Ted is over at Harley Watches completing his purchase in under 1 minute.

What is Shopping Google Direct?

While the vast majority of Internet surfers has time to update their Facebook profiles every 5 minutes, a micro niche of consumers definitely exist. These people barely have time to spend any non-work time online and certainly have no time to shop in a brick and mortar store. As a result, these fast-paced consumers know exactly what they want to buy and head to Google ready to buy. They type in the search phrase and then select the top result in the organic listings. Somebody like Ted even type in “Harley Watches” and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button that so many of us wonder why it even exists. A reputable site appears with an array of products that consumers want. They see the buy button, click it, input a password, one more click and they are DONE in less than 1 minute.

This Cannot Be Mainstream

Very true. Twenty-something Ted is not your average consumer. However, Ted’s buying habits are far different than his Gen X father and Baby Boomer grandfather. Ted’s grandfather does not shop online, and Ted’s father would only buy from Amazon, not some niche site like Harley Watches. Like any new phenomenon, this is in the early adopter stage. There is now way of telling how many consumers shop this way. Some Internet marketing experts do say that “at least 1,000 consumers are looking to buy a particular product this way every second of every day.”

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