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Many people take for granted that there is actually a proper way to brush your teeth effectively. Knowing this can improve your overall oral health and can help prevent big and costly problems for the future.

Brushing your teeth properly should take at least two to three minutes. Most people don’t even come close to this. It is extremely important to not only cover your teeth but also brush your gum line. This helps to prevent gum disease. You should start brushing where the gums and your teeth connect and then start to work your way around the tooth. Make sure you cover all sides of the tooth with your brush. Most people only brush the front and top of the teeth and forget about the backside which is the part they don’t see, for knowing how to brush your teeth find dentist Chicago. Tarter and plaque can accumulate on the backside just as easily so that can’t be forgotten.

The areas that perhaps need the most attention are the chewing spots which are the top and bottom set of teeth in the back. It is crucial to go all the way back there with the brush. Again, these are the teeth they are the least visible and therefore, easiest the forget, but that is where most of the contact happens between your teeth and the food. For these spots, you should use more compact brushing motions making sure the bristles on the brush touch all the fissures and odd shapes of the tooth. For more details visit Chicago dental.

Not only do you have to clean your teeth and gums, but it is also important to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth. The primary reason for this is that it will give you better breath. Aside from that, it will also remove any excess bacteria that can spread to your teeth and gums. It just makes your mouth cleaner and healthier overall. When you are brushing you’re these areas, try to get back as far as you can without getting sick.

Do I need a certain toothbrush?

There are many different kinds of toothbrushes on the market for different situations. The sides of the heads and the stiffness of the bristles will vary for example. Many dentists feel that softer bristles are more effective for cleaning plaque. Having a toothbrush with a smaller head can make it easier for you to reach the harder spots that need attention like your back chewing teeth as mentioned above. There is also the invention of the electric toothbrush which can also be fun. However, these are expensive and studies show that electric toothbrushes are no more effective in removing debris and plaque than regular brushes, before taking electric toothbrush find more about Best dentist Chicago.

What about toothpaste?

There are probably even more variations of toothpastes on the market than toothbrushes. Toothpastes will have special elements in them to fight different conditions like gingivitis, CAVITIES, tarter buildup, teeth whitening, extra sensitive teeth, etc. The best thing you can do is ask your Chicago dentist which of these conditions you should be concerned about and purchase the corresponding toothpaste.

When should I change my toothbrush?

In most cases you will want to change your toothbrush about every 12 weeks. You can also take a look at your brush to see if the bristles are worn out. A good sign of that is if the bristles don’t line up straight anymore at the top. However, if that happens before 3 months, this may be a sign that you are not brushing with proper technique. If recently sick, you might want to change your brush since the bristles can collect bacteria which can result in infection.

How many times a day should I brush?

Brushing your teeth twice a day (after you wake up and before bed) is an absolute must. However, brushing after every meal is ideal for the least possible buildup of plaque and other bacteria that can lead to bigger problems.

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