Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
Tea Tree Gully Mayoral Candidate, Steve Angeli of Modbury, believes residents and business owners are showing a keen interest in adopting a sustainable community and are supportive of taking action.

Mr. Angeli recently met with business owners at a Sustainability networking event in Adelaide and heard how early education leads to innovation and sustainable development outcomes. He has also met with members of other local communities and learnt how their activities foster whole of life education of practical sustainability, including practical early education of sustainable practices.

“Through education we are creating the green jobs of the future and giving young people something to work towards. The more we can encourage innovation in this area, the more jobs we can create and stay ahead as a community”, says Mr. Angeli.

Mr. Angeli is proposing a Sustainable Lifestyle Centre for Tea Tree Gully to encourage and foster innovation and sustainable development. Ready to take action, Mr. Angeli believes that innovation and sustainable development will help the community realise its potential.

“People want to reduce their energy consumption and save money. A Sustainable Lifestyle Centre will equip residents with the information they need to make decisions. Council should be able to guide people in our local community and I will take action”, says Mr. Angeli.

Sustainable development and innovation is also about utilising the infrastructure and resources available and finding ways to make buildings, transport systems and educational services more efficient. Mr. Angeli’s vision for a Sustainable Tea Tree Gully will support community initiatives and encourage “green” business ventures to work effectively and in collaboration with Council and the local Business Enterprise Centre.

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Steve Angeli

Steve Angeli is standing for Mayor in the Tea Tree Gully Council Elections in November 2010. Steve is committed to delivering a sustainable Tea Tree Gully.
Steve Angeli
P: 0428 223 777


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