Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
From the latest in flash swimsuits to drape all shapes and sizes, to 69 sex toys worth splashing out for, the November issue of Cosmopolitan has everything for success from the beach to the bedroom via the boardroom.

Cosmopolitan takes pride in being the world’s most successful women’s magazine by catering to the young professional’s quest for good looks, a successful career and great relationships.

Sophisticated, glamorous and inspirational, Cosmopolitan is available via subscription at, the one-stop source for magazines subscriptions, books, gift ideas and more.

The November issue hits this trifecta spot on with a cavalcade of new cossies, practical business advice, John Mayer’s G-spot geometry and much, much more.

This full-on life philosophy is epitomized by flamboyant pop siren Katy Perry, whose cover article recaps her dizzying, rejection-filled rise to success on the eve of her lavish Indian wedding to controversial comedian and actor Russell Brand.

“I had such a strong vision of who I was, what I wanted to do,” says the singer with a confidence that leaps off the page. “To be an approachable artist was important to me.”

On her marriage to the notoriously frisky Brand, Perry is equally sanguine. “He’s never made me feel that I had reason to be jealous of him. I am a woman and I would know,” she says firmly. “Lots of people think marriage is outdated, but I think it’s very beautiful and important.”

Size Doesn’t Matter
Lacking a strong vision of the perfect swimsuit? Worried that the hot and sunny days will be here before that wintertime body is moulded into beach-worthiness? Cosmopolitan has it covered, with dozens of sexy styles for all body shapes.

Hair styles matter to the busy professional, whether on the go or just to be stylishly different. A special section explores eight new looks that embrace what’s happening now on the trendiest of heads.

For women who’ve ever despaired of reading that special man’s mind, wonder no longer. Cosmo asked 2,000 men aged 18 to 34 to play an X-rated version of Would You Rather. The results may be naughty, but applied correctly they also become very nice.

Additional tips and tricks for the modern woman include easy ways to feel instantly sexier; seven books to get you through any emotion; the five best love tips of the year to date; and a checklist before hitting “record” on that sex tape.

Sex Toy Story
Rip the strip from Cosmo’s latest sealed section Sex Toy Story to discover how Woody really got his name. Get past the animated movie jokes to discover the latest and greatest in vibrators, condoms, toys for couples and related G-spot gear.

And speaking of sex, women know that even the most macho of men can reveal a fragile ego if things go awry in the boudoir. Use Cosmo’s five practical tips to recover from even the most embarrassing of bedroom bloopers.

As wild as the modern sex life can get, protection is important: six years after the magazine played a leadership role in the legalization of the MAP, or morning-after pill, numerous reports suggest rogue chemists are resisting progress. Read all about it here, and draw inspiration from those on the front lines.

Celebrities Weigh In
Featured in the November Cosmopolitan Magazine is an exclusive excerpt from “Priceless,” the hotly anticipated new novel from “The Truth About Diamonds” author Nicole Richie.

Moving to the kitchen, celebrity chef Curtis Stone offers a tomato tart with goat’s cheese and a fine herb salad for that Sunday arvo get-together to recover from Saturday night.

Let’s not leave John Mayer hanging. “It’s all about geometry,” he said of his between-the-sheets secret to success. “It’s sort of this weird up and over thing. You’ve got to think ‘up and over.’” And so Cosmo does, effectively calibrating the randy singer’s sex strategy for the benefit of all.

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