Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
1. Affinity with the event content: A search engine marketer will self qualify himself for an event related to SEO (Search engine optimization). A cancer survivor will be highly interested by a public conference on Cancer Research discoveries and trends. To advertise your event, start by answering the question “For Who” is it?
Flash On The Beach
When: Sunday, September 26-Wednesday, September 29
Where: Bristol, UK
More Info:

If you are a designer, developer, coder, student, manager, game developer, artist, animator or a newbie, then this conference is for you! Don’t miss this opportunity to see nearly 60 of the best minds in the industry, delivering 3 full days of awe-inspiring sessions, plus one day workshops that will give you in-depth training from the worlds best speakers!

Again we have another phenomenal line up of speakers. We also have the perfect place for them! We love our Brighton venue! The Dome has so much history, charm and character, we would be mad to use anywhere else, and are already looking forward again to the most exciting Flash conference for years!

2. Affinity with the events speakers: If Sting is in town, my wife doesn’t care about the event organizer or promoter and Business Trade Shows, she is going for Sting, period. A search engine optimization course by Google engineers will automatically drive people interested in the subject, because of the speaker’s reputation and affiliation.


Google 101–Promoting Your Nonprofit

Over 30 Google volunteers will be in New Orleans in October to partner with non-profits. One of the events will be a Google 101 presentation on how to use Google’s freely available tools to promote your non-profit organization or small business on the Web. This will be held on Friday, October 15 at the Idea Village, 515 Girod Street, from 9:00am-12:00pm. The event will open with an overview by the St. Bernard Project on how they have combined these tools with an online marketing plan to create an effective online presence.

Google suggests inviting any web savvy persons, bloggers or website administrators. They would be able to observe advice and assist you in any plans or ideas that may germinate at the presentation. There is no need to know programming.

Register quickly. Space will be in short supply.

3. Affinity with the Event organizer or promoter: Emanuel is a good friend. He plays music in bars to raise awareness on his art and start his career. I go to Emanuel event, because I like him, and I want to support him and his band. My company is organizing an event, I go to this event. Amnesty International is a good cause organization. I like their work, so when I heard about their event, I go to support.

Here the content of the event doesn’t matter a lot; it’s the affinity to the organizers and promoter for Events and promotions and Business networking groups that does matter most.

4. Affinity to an attendee: I’m going to these events because my friend is going, or a colleague, or my wife. More people will attend your event if people they know are already willing to attend or heard about it.

5. Affinity to referrer: Seth Godin recommends this marketing event. I trust Godin, so I’m willing to attend. My church recommends this event, so I’m going. My boss forward me the event information, etc.

Most of the time, Event promoter will focus heavily on one affinity and forget to explore other affinities.

In my next post, I’ll share with you a tool we use at to help event’s organizers and promoters use the 5 kinds of affinity to attract more people to their events.

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