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Soft drink refers to beverage with alcohol content lower than 0.5% in China. Soft drink may contain a small amount of alcohol which is the by product for dissolving essence, fragrance and flavor, pigment, etc. from ethanol or lactic acid drink.

In the last 30 years, Chinese economy develops rapidly. With the improvement of living and consumption capacity, China Soft Drink Industry has stepped into fast developing period. Most products are aware to consumers while the market is huge. Currently, there are many kinds of soft drinks with many competitive players in the market.

The output volume of soft drink in China was 176.61 million tons in China in 2015, increasing by 5.9% YOY, about 11.8 times that in 2000. The CAGR of the accumulated production volume of soft drink during 2000-2015 is high up to 17.9%, far higher than the growth rate of GDP, which presents good development capability.

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The varieties of soft drink grow daily to provide more choice for consumers while the production volume grows. Drinking water accounts for the largest proportion of the soft drink industry while others are fruit juice, vegetable juice, carbonated beverage, tea drinks, etc.

In China, the beverage market can be broken into household and catering parts. CRI analyzes both the common features and differences of the two parts.

China beverage market is composed of carbonated beverages, fruit and vegetable juice, packaged drinking water, tea drink, protein drink and other drinks. In the long run, drinking water and carbonated beverage occupy the most market share while protein drink, fruit and vegetable juice and tea drink come as the second. However, the competition pattern of soft drink market undergoes great changes as economy develops and life improves in China. Growing concern about health causes increase in demand for healthy tea drinks, protein drinks and fruit & vegetable juice and decrease in demand for carbonated drinks.

Functional drink is a rising star in soft drink market in China. Including sports drinks represented by Mizone and Gatorade, energy drinks such as Red Bull and Lipovitan, and herbal drinks like Wong Lo Kat and JDB.

The consumption of soft drink per capita in China is lower than that in developed countries; that in rural residents is much lower. Perfect competition attracts a large amount of international soft drink giants into Chinese market. Meanwhile, the competition of products transfers to competition of industry chains. Channel resource, especially terminal resources, becomes target of most enterprises.

The output volume of soft drink is expected to remain above 5% in China in the next few years.

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Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Government Policies of Soft Drink Industry in China
  • Operation Status of Sub-industries of Soft Drinks in China
  • Supply and Demand Status of Soft Drink Industry in China
  • Competition Status of the Market
  • Major Manufacturers of Soft Drinks in China
  • Household and Catering Consumption of Soft Drinks in China
  • Factors Influencing Development and Development Trend of Soft Drink Industry
  • Advice of Development and Investment in Soft Drink Industry

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Table of Contents

1 Basic Situation of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China

2 Development Environment of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China, 2011-2016

3 Operation Status of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China, 2011-2015

4 Competition Status of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China, 2011-2015

5 Analysis of Industry Chain of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China, 2011-2015

6 Sub-industries of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China, 2011-2015

7 Analysis of China's Major Soft Drink Manufacturers, 2013-2016

8 Prospect of Soft Drink Manufacturing Industry in China, 2016-2020

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