Monday, December 27th, 2010
A smart way of promoting your event is to go out with your flyers, discounts coupons, or any promotional material and hand them out to people as they are leaving at the conclusion of other events.

You can do this at concerts, Sporting Matches, Festivals, trade shows, network event, etc. One thing to keep in mind is to target events whose attendees are likely qualified to attend your events. Do it in group if possible, or recruit student’s crew to help out.

Imagine you have an upcoming business event related to marketing on Internet with search engines and social medias. You have heard about few small business networking events around town. If the event is interesting to you, attend it. At the end of the event, just stand a little bit far away from the venue gate and hand out your promotional material to people as they are leaving.

As far as you are not doing this inside the venue territory, but on the public territory, on the street, no one has the right to chase you. Warning: follow this advice only in democratic and safe countries. I know some countries where the venue owner can come to the street and kick you if he doesn’t like what you are doing. Police won’t help you. (Fight for democracy and justice in your country).

Some venue owners are cool, and would let you hand out your promotional material inside the venue, if you kindly ask them. Some venues have sponsors; if your activity may be competitive to their sponsors, they won’t let you. In this case, go on the street and hand out your flyers.

If you target very well the events, this simple events networking tip will be your best leads driver.

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Goodbuzz is an experiment in a new kind of event promotion, built on the idea that event marketing is not only about money. Some of the most successful events we've been involved with engaged in simple grass roots marketing. They only used event posters and word of mouth. Those events did tremendously well on a marketing budget of a few hundred dollars.
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