Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Melbourne, VIC– November 17, 2008– Ultramedix announced today that their FDA-cleared and TGA registered Acne Clearing Device, ThermaClear (www.thermaclear.com.au), will begin retail distribution into Pharmacies nationwide.

Initially exclusively available on the web, Ultramedix’s decision to move from online only to in-store distribution has been a natural progression for the company,” said Saul Freedman, a Director of Ultramedix. “We hope that by maintaining our accessibility on the web and bringing ThermaClear to hundreds of Pharmacy store locations, we can better serve our customers, the millions who suffer from acne and breakouts”.

Recognized for its proprietary 2-second acne-clearing technology, ThermaClear is a specially designed spot treatment that effectively heals both visible and non-visible pimples, enabling users to treat blemishes before they surface. It will be positioned here among the other top selling skincare treatments available in pharmacies.

“Advanced beauty technology is a growing segment of our business as our clients are more educated than ever about how to use these professional-style tools at home.

“ThermaClear has been a best-selling skincare device in the USA since day 1 so it’s exciting for consumers in Australia to now have access to this product, which offers a revolutionary way to treat skin.”

ThermaClear is redefining how we treat our skin. The device delivers a controlled pulse of heat directly to the blemish using a unique proprietary 2-second per pimple application time technology.

Clinically proven in the USA to clear acne up to four times faster than pimples not treated by the device, some in as little as 24 hours, the tool neutralizes the acne causing bacteria and prevents underlying blemishes from surfacing on the skin.It is effective on all skin types and tones and does not cause skin hyper-pigmentation, drying or irritation.

ThermaClear is similar to laser treatment therapy used by dermatologists to treat mild to moderate acne, only you can use it at-home for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, ThermaClear’s advanced nichrome treatment tip only needs replacement once or twice per year.

The product is an intelligent choice and is available at a mid price of $269 and is cost effective in comparison to many of the topical acne preparations currently sold to the consumer that still use ingredients dating from the 1920’s and that can cost the consumer upwards of $700 per year.

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Revolutionary Acne Clearing Device Hits Australia the First Time. Now Australian consumers have access to a cost effective modern acne clearing device as an alternative to many expensive topical treatments, that have not changed in decades.


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