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We’ve reported previously about the sizeable proportion of Australians who don’t know the name of their household’s electricity and/or gas provider. However, some 8.8 million people living in households connected to both electricity and gas do know the name of their provider/s — and the majority of them use the same provider for both services, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research show.

So which utilities companies have the highest rate of ‘crossover’ customers, connected to both their electricity and gas? Leading the way is small ACT supplier, ActewAGL: 92% of people living in households connected to ActewAGL electricity are also connected to ActewAGL gas.

With 85.4% of its electricity customers also connected to its gas service, Alinta Energy is also doing well in this respect, as are AGL (84.3% of people living in households connected to AGL electricity are also connected to AGL gas) and Simply Energy (82.5% of its electricity customers are connected to Simply Energy gas as well).

Electricity customers who use same provider for their gas connection


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2014 – March 2016 (n=13551)Base: Australians 14+ who live in household with electricity and gas connection and can name provider/s.

Curiously, despite winning both the Gas Provider and Electricity Provider categories in last year’s Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards, only 71.0% of Red Energy’s electricity customers also use the provider for their gas connection, putting it in eighth position for crossover customers.

Around the country, capital city dwellers (70.0%) are far more likely than regional residents (52.8%) to live in households with both electricity and gas connected to the same supplier. However, it is worth noting that a considerably lower proportion of people living in regional areas have a gas connection at all (58.8% vs 74.5% of capital city residents).

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“We may not all know the name of our electricity provider, but virtually every Australian lives in a household with an electricity connection. And although it would seem logical (or at least more convenient) to use the same supplier for gas as electricity, the proportion of electricity customers who do this varies substantially.

“Obviously, gas is not as widespread as electricity in Australian households, with a much lower proportion (69.0%) of the population living in a gas-connected household. Furthermore, not all electricity providers offer gas as well, and vice versa: in WA for instance, where there is a government monopoly on energy suppliers, consumers have an extremely limited choice. Still, one might at least expect the country’s largest energy providers, AGL, Origin Energy and Energy Australia, to have more customers connected to both their electricity and gas, given their vast reach and marketing budgets. Yet only AGL cracks the 80% mark.

“As we have explored previously, many Australians are fairly ambivalent about utilities, so it is possible they’ve not thought too deeply about their supplier/s or considered the benefits of using one supplier for electricity and gas. But with the in-depth understanding that only Roy Morgan can provide of Australian consumers’ demographics, attitudes, media consumption, satisfaction levels and other key metrics, energy retailers can tailor their messaging specifically to resonate with their target market.”

View this release in full (and download the PDF) on our website.

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