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"Unearthing Nature's Secrets" is a memoir of great adventure and faith.

A pioneer of the natural beauty products industry shares the secrets of his decades of research and work in a new book about his life, at a time when he is continuing to break new ground in the industry.

Dr Klein turned his back on a chance to become the “Bill Gates of the wellness industry”, selling his company to Australian billionaires Kerry and James Packer, and choosing instead to continue on a personal search for knowledge and how to use it to help others.

He says he hopes the book, in which he criticises those he says are responsible for our “sickness” industry and our polluted world will help readers strive beyond popular notions of success and toward inner values.

Dr. Klein, born in Germany at the end of World War II, was introduced to forest herbs by his grandfather. Even in poverty-stricken, post-war Germany, the value and magic of nature was clear to him. Based on this experience, Dr. Klein went on to delve into science, alchemy, chemistry, naturopathy, psychology and spirituality - all the while seeking to understand and unearth the true secrets of nature. Moving to Australia, he founded Jurlique, producer of bio-dynamic/organic beauty products known as the "purest health care products on Earth," became a pioneer in the field of health and wellness, and helped to pave the way for the spa/wellness industry of today.

Jurlique product and service was used in spa treatments on athletes during the 1996 Atlanta and the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Throughout his life journey, Dr. Klein has personally encountered some of the most forward-thinking minds of our time, and writes vivid, candid and mindopening anecdotes of his experiences with Krishnamurti, Suma Ching Hai, Edward de Bono, Robert Kyasaki, Bert Hellinger, Helen Menock and Frater Albertus, among others.

After selling Jurlique to the Packer family, he found enlightenment in a near-death experience high in the mountains of Tibet, which sparked the development of an innovative anti-stress feature that allows people to experience clarified, balanced and harmonized senses and deepest relaxation for body, mind and psyche.

"I see this innovation as a first step and an important contribution to the next era of health which may lead to a new understanding of the meaning of the word longevity,” he said. Dr Klein has pledged to not take any money personally from sales of his invention, and will give all his profits to charity projects in Third World countries.

He offers advice and hope for the future and in humanity to work with nature, coming to a renewed belief that health is the new wealth. He wants to educate people and provide them with knowledge and wisdom to help themselves, and says healing must start from the inside, out.

“We have a huge sickness industry that cannot make any big money from responsible, healthy people who are interested in preventative medicine,” he says.

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Dr Jurgen Klein

Born in Germany post WWII. Early in life he felt the calling to question the conventional, to research, to examine and to develop products that can make our planet a better place to stay and enjoy.

PhD in Chemistry and Dr. of Naturopathy, combined with lifelong studies, practice and lecturing about environment, health & well-being, eastern and western philosophy, herbalism, medicine, alternative medicine and therapies.

In 1972 Dr. Klein founded LIVOS, a natural product company producing and selling poison free paints and colors, and also formulated his first aromatherapy creams. He sold the company and spent 4 years as a Developer, Researcher and Scientific Leader for WALA / DR. HAUSCHKA in Germany.

In 1984 he moved to Australia and founded JURLIQUE as the “Purest Skin Care on Earth”. He drove the company to global success and in 2003 sold his interest in the company to Kerry and James Packer.

Spent the past 5 years in quiet, doing charity work in Asia, and extensively traveling to China, India, Nepal and Tibet.

Research and Development with several universities to prove that herbs, organic food and nutraceuticals will reduce disease and relieve dependency from medical drugs (Charitable Klein Foundation & Research Institute).

Helping a new generation of aging people (between 55 and 80), who refuse to get and be old like generations before. Health and Wellbeing of a never aging mind, spirit, body and soul of this new longevity generation will be able to heal the sick, the poor and the ailing planet.

E. Auffenberg
P: 0402 451575


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