Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 is an online store that specializes in a variety of diamond jewelry. Established in 1997, the website offers diamond lovers a unique selection of high quality engagement rings, earrings, and pendants.

The diamond company has taken jewelry design to a new level with their computer-aided design technology, or CAD. Computer-aided designing has been used for years in the creation of three dimensional objects like automobiles and aircraft. Today, it is used to create incredibly accurate jewelry designs. Consumers have the ability to fashion a custom piece of jewelry by utilizing the virtual technology.

With CAD, you can participate completely in the design process. You will be able to create a piece that suits your own taste and style. Once you have an idea of what the jewelry item should look like, you can submit it to designers. You can choose every aspect of the item, no matter how intricate the design may be. With this technique, you can be an integral part of the design process. You will be able to see the item during the process and make any necessary changes.

A three dimensional image of your idea is created based on your specific guidelines. Once you approve of the final image, the design is carved into wax models and cast into your desired piece. This technology uses the proper dimensions of the item you create, so the visual proportions will be accurate.

Computer-aided design technology is ideal for anyone who wants to customize a piece of jewelry to fit personal preferences. Rather than settling on an item that is merely similar to what you want, you can design an original piece that represents your individuality. CAD jewelry is the perfect gift for any special occasion, including a wedding engagement. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


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