Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
The new proofing system centres around the new VK RIP technology and the CMYRGB ink set, allowing amazing results when proofing spot colours.

"Any spot colors can be reproduced using this technology," said Steve Holman of Opaltone Australasia. "You can match even the most difficult of spot or corporate logo colours, you can make product mock-ups or colour correct contract proofs for a fraction of the cost of other colour accurate systems."

The return on investment is very fast and then you get to enjoy real savings’.
The RIP and the ink technology is adapted to popular model inkjet printers that are very affordable. The system comes with profiling software that simulates actual press dot gain.

The knowledge and experience to be able to simulate real world print results stems from the background of the architects of the Opaltone system, many years of experience in pre-press and print production provide an insight into real working conditions.

Customers are amazed when they see the results, and at such affordable price.
The system uses refill cartridges which allow a lower overall ink cost and an environmental advantage by not polluting land fill with empty ink cartridges, so the system is not only cost effective but sustainable too.

This is a real advantage for any Advertising Agency or Design Studio looking to impress the Customer and save money on colour correct proofs and mock-ups.

As one satisfied customer put it, "This is a real game changer."

More information can be obtained from or call Steve on 0413 743 334.

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Opaltone is the premium digital colour printing system that provides software tools from design through to print including VK RIP technology for inkjet proofing.
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